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Korean Kimchi in Los Angles

Los Angeles is among one of the most prestigious states in the UnitedState. This state hosts giant corporations and the revenue generated from this state exceeds any other state. This corporate state filled with working class people has the tradition of fast food and most of these foods are easily purchased on the streets. Street food has been viewed as a tradition in this state and the locals appreciates this old tradition of partaking meals on the curbs. The reason is that majority of the local are high flyers corporate executives and other white color employees, this fact has been viewed that this regulars have no time to made a decent meal in the house due to the demand of the job (Armstrong, p3). This state consumes tons of street food among them being Kimchi which is a traditional Korean dish. This delicacy is enjoyed because of it natural nature of preparation and that is has less junk in it; this is because it is low in fat and cholesterol.

Kimchi is a Korean traditional dish, which is also one of the most served side dish (banchan) in almost all Korean restaurants. The dish can also be used as an ingredient of Kimchi stew as well as an ingredient to many other Korean main dishes (Yoon, 1791). Kimchi is made from vegetables and mixed with a variety of food seasonings. The vegetables can either be fermented or unfermented. There several forms of Kimchi which all vary depending on the ingredients and the vegetables used in the recipe. The vegetables used may include napa, cabbage radish, green onion or cucumber.

The Kimchi history may have begun as early as 2600 to 3000 years ago. The oldest recipes had cabbage and beef stock as the only ingredients, with Red Chili, (a New World Vegetable) later being added to this recipe about 1500 years later. Red chili was only introduced to Koreans after the arrival of Europeans and Americans into the country.

Red Chili became and still is a main ingredient in Kimchi as it is used to make it hot. Variety of recipes were introduced in the twelfth century to produce a variety of flavors, which can be sweet, sour, or even to provide different colorings, mainly white or orange.

The varieties have continued to be improved and others being created with Baechu being the most famous and popular. Variety in Kimchi flavors is differentiated by the main ingredients, the seasonings. There are different Kimchi flavors in North and South of Korea. This results from the different in climate and temperatures, with Northern Korea being have long winters in comparison with Southern Korea. As such the recipes from Northern Korea are made with redder chili to make them hotter. They are also more watery and the recipes have little if any seafood seasoning.  The rest of the differences in flavors will depend on personal taste and the different mix in the recipes.

Kimchi has increasingly becoming popular as a choice street food in Los Angeles; this is because of the increased campaign of eating healthy food that does not have negative effects in the body. According to Magnier (p, 6) Kimchi has being classified as the world fifth healthiest food due to its richness of vitamin, aid in digestion and its ability to prevent cancer. Its health capability had been boosted by various factors due to its richness in vegetables such as onions, cabbage and Garlic which has good health benefits.

What has increased the popularity of this street food is the fact that because people are busy with their work and they have no time to heat up meals, this dish is taken cold. Los Angeles natives are too busy to heat or cook a decent meal thus they will usually find Korean food to be suited for their comfort. Not, the Kimchi as its recipes is a mix of assorted flavors and textures that are suitable for the natives of this state taste (Lynch, p3). Kimchi comes in different colors which makes it not just tasty but pleasant to look at. A fruit is usually added to give it a sweet taste. 

The Grandmasters have always taught and made us believe that the energy one produces during food preparation will be transmitted to the food through the energy fields through the hands and other the parts of the body one is using through the food preparation. This is the aspect this article will use while at the same time capturing the flavor of the instructions which promote one to generate the finest and topmost energy in the cooking process. Thus the food preparation process becomes a conscious, fulfilling and healthy experience by itself regardless the outcome of the food as echoed by Armstrong (p, 12). 

Kimchi is one of the healthiest street foods and can be taken by all age groups depending on their method of preparation. This is because it is prepared using very hot chili and pepper thus making it discomforting to small children. However, this is also prepared with much chili and this can be taken by all age group members. For those who have never heard or tasted it, this is the best first experience you will ever have, which even surpasses the Kimchi from the best cook in a Korean restaurant. The Kimchi sold at the Los Angeles streets are beyond comparable with the original Kimchi from it origin. Not only is it tasty but it is very healthy. It is said to make a positive difference in ones life. It is also a recipe that may help add years to your life as noted by Lynch (p, 6).

Kimchi are sold by vendors located at every corner of the street of Los Angeles and also some Chinese and Korean restaurants. However, they are mostly sold and enjoyed in the streets than in restaurants. Recently I and my friendly decided that will take Kimchi for lunch as it a dish which can be taken for lunch or dinner. We just walked a block from our work place to our favorite Kimchi joint. Upon arrival the place was jammed with revelers all taking this delicacy which is hitting the street of Los Angeles and replacing Hot dogs and Hamburgers tradition. We waited a few second and the revelers were through and then our turn we exchanged pleasantries with the vendor and our Kimchi was served (Magnier, p7). The vendor washed our hands as Kimchi is usually eaten by hands. There are no seats so we took our delicacies while standing up.

Now and then a family, friends and couples would stroll by and purchase some take away or eating along side us. Every now and then a story would arise and then a debate on the matter would arise considering different view from the diverse culture of the revelers whom were present at the Kimchi stand. I experienced a new social way to meet and make friends as strangers were enjoying these delicacies while relating with each other like they are long time friend.

In conclusion this showed how people enjoy street food and how much Kimchi is enjoyed in the streets as one of the favorite street food which only cost one dollar. This was exclaimed by one woman as the best healthy hearty street food in the whole world for a fair price. After much I come to a realization that Kimchi is one of the best healthiest

Los Angeles street
foods with easy preparation method for all weather.

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