Justin Bieber’s Behaviour

Justin Bieber, only 21 years old, is one of the world greatest heroes within the contemporary music realm. He is a Canadian singer and a songwriter. Bieber is the very first artist in history to have seven songs featuring on the famous “Billboard Hot 100” from a debut record. Bieber is the celebrity that I selected for the purpose of this submission. As such, in this study, the behaviour of Bieber will be diagnosed with a psychological disorder based on his behaviour. Also, a therapeutic intervention, which is likely to assist the artist in improving his life, will be suggested. 

Undeniably, Justin Bieber suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. Often abbreviated as GAD, the generalized anxiety disorder refers to disproportionate or excessive anxiety about a range of life aspects including social matters and relationships. There are some behavioural tendencies, which clearly show that Justin Bieber is a GAD patient. In a news article by Hauput, it was reported that Justin Bieber was increasingly developing anxiety over his status in the music industry. The article cites an incident in which the celebrity was arrested after he was alleged to have engaged in a wild, drug-and-alcohol drag race in Miami. However, he attempted to resist arrest, a behaviour that many attributed to his status. As such, it was reported that, afraid that he would lose the appeal, Bieber made concerted efforts to ensure that he was not arrested. When he was released, he tried to cover up his guilt by giving a completely different story about what caused his arrest. That was not the only incident that portrays Justin Bieber as a GAD patient.


He has also been claimed to be addicted to power and wealth. Indeed, according to various commentators, this is what has fuelled his troublesome behavioural tendencies. Citing an expert in the field of psychology, Haupt revealed that Justin Bieber often manages his uncomfortable emotional states through acquiring places, people, as well as, things. In a persistent manner, he strives for more wealth, power, celebrity and fame. Such a tendency clearly shows that Justin usually becomes uneasy when he is not making acquisitions. If Justin Bieber’s generalized anxiety disorder is not intervened, he might not achieve his ultimate potential. 

It is suggested that he should be placed on a cognitive behaviour therapy, which is abbreviated as CBT. According to Gazzaniga and Grison, at the heart of CBT is correcting thinking and behaviour. Using the method, a therapist usually implements techniques derived from cognitive therapy along with behaviour therapy with the aim of correcting faulty thinking, as well as, maladaptive behaviours. Justin Bieber has indeed adopted a faulty approach to thinking. He thinks that making acquisitions will make him more powerful and wealthy. What he seems to forget is that maintaining a good personality is the best strategy for gaining these very outcomes. Therefore, Bieber’s thinking has to be streamlined. His criminal-like behaviours should be alleviated. He must be counselled on how to lead a better life, one that distinguishes him from convicted murderers and rapists. He must understand that his behaviour plays a huge role in the success of his career. With cognitive behavioural therapy, it is expected that Bieber will get over his GAP problem.

From this analysis, it is evident that celebrities, though they might be aware of it, usually suffer from psychological disorders. In this paper, it was established that Justin Bieber, one of the renowned Canadian artists, is a generalized anxiety disorder patient. Especially, this is due to the questionable and worrisome behaviours that he engages in, as reported in the media. If he is enrolled in a cognitive behavioural therapy program, his GAP issues will be alleviated and as such, he will achieve his fullest potential in the music industry. 

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