Jun 25, 2018 in Research

Is spanking ever appropriate

Spanking is considered as the best way to disciplining a child according to many traditions and Christianity values that state, “He who spares the rod hates his son: but he that love him corrects him betimes" (Book of Proverbs 13:24)”; yet at the same time the United Nations has outlawed spanking declaring it as a corporal punishment. According to the UN, mild parental violence has been in practice for a long time now in many third world cultures with some restraint in illegitimate cells as a way of saving the child from ruining life (Larzelere, 2005). Nevertheless, the world judiciary systems use systematic established principles of punishment that is quite severe than the severity of the child spanking exercise altogether. Lack of appropriate means of correcting the young has led to abuse of spanking.  Conspicuously, those against child spanking are advising of establishing a scientific and experimental use of knowledge to help the children out. Through science laws have been developed to curb violence related to spanking especially in the under-developed and underrepresented cultures; other forms of corporal punishment exist in the society that need to be alleviated and therefore instead of allowing children to without clear scientific support, absolute anti-spanking policies have further condemned children into delinquent for lack of direction in science theories that are quite foreign to life and reality (Larzelere, 2005). According to Preston delayed mischievous discipline especially after a verbal co0nfrontation is the sole source of criminals in America. Some habits like throwing of tantrums are attributed to the babysitter who might have encouraged rebel behavior (Preston, 2004). Well personally, spanking was used on me as a corrective measure and not a corporal punishment per se; and though at time as child I was bitter, as I grew up I appreciated the corrective measure positively as long as pain was kept at minimal. Therefore it is appropriate for schools to incorporate effective non-abusive spanking methods in school with approval from parents in order to maintain cordial relationship (Larzelere, 2005, 14). Conclusively, spanking of the child incorporates corrective measures that are aimed at controlling the behavior of children towards achieving a fully fledged responsible society that is better oriented than a judicial imprisonment.

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