Sep 12, 2018 in Research

Is a Competition Good?

Competition is a context amid individuals, organisms, groups or animals. They compete for territories, locations, resources, goods, recognition, awards or prestige. Human beings compete in different arenas for fame, recognition, leadership just to mention but a few. Many focus competition as rivalry and unhealthy practice that can bring harm to the society. Others take it as a healthy practice that promotes social development, but the big question is competition good? The paper will analyze a competition to find out whether it is good or bad. 

Competition promotes growth. During developmental stages, young people compete for different resources and opportunities. During the competition, one comes up with strategies to beat the other and in the process acquire developmental advantage. It advances human civilization. Competition in different fields such as science has made human beings discover new ideas and advancement. The ideas have enabled human being to advance in civilization and avoid the uncivilized culture. Competition forces an individual to me creative. Every person works hard to emerge successful in every rivalry. Therefore, one is forced to be creative to beat his component. Results of creativity are social and economic development.

Competition enables human beings to learn. Every time in the competition, there are two parts the one that wins and that which loses. After losing in a competition, one can learn from the competitor how to work in an efficient way hence promoting attitude.  Another advantage of the competition is that it promotes innovation. To win, one requires taking chances and trying new ideas. Application of new ideas ends up becoming innovations that have seen a man to new levels. Preparation prepares a person for the challenges of the world. From a young age, human beings start competing on different issues. These competitions prepare a person for the unlimited challenges found in the world. One can face them without losing hope with the intention of beating the challenge. 

To sum up, competition is good. Despite the fact that it has some disadvantages, it plays a key role to the development of human beings. Competition is a healthy rivalry that ensures there is development in the world. 


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