Free "The Odyssey" by Homer Essay Sample

The story is a mixture of supernatural and natural events that Odyssey went through who has been away from his family for about twenty years. The son is now 21 years and is ready to have a reunion with his father. Telemachus, Odyssey’s son is joining hand with his mother Penelope, to keep away the suitors who flock in their home to ask her mother for marriage. 


Odyssey is exhibiting more immortality because he is defeating all supernatural powers, and even befriending goddesses like Calypso who he sleeps with for more than seven years. The goddess want to make him immortal, but he still has an urge to meet his family at home. He still becomes Circe’s lover who turned men into pigs with Odyssey escaping the attack. The kind of stories he narrates, are just to show how mighty he is, and have favors from the people who capture him and his people. 

The story cannot happen in the current times because we acknowledge that Odyssey was lost for twenty years, where he used ten of them fighting in the Trojan War and the rest finding his way home. It is a bit hard for such things to happen because in the current wave of technology provides room for communication and compasses to trace ones home. It is also hard that after his wife waited him for twenty years; she could not remember him and had to arrange a contest where he won. 

Even after, the nurse identified a scar on his leg his wife could not accept that it was her husband, and held a contest for the man who wanted to marry her using a string of the great bow his husband used. It such a coincidence that she asks the suitors to uses the bow when Odyssey is back. He later reunites with his wife suitors and lives in harmony again, a rare thing for people who wish someone unwell.


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