Fossil Fuels

1. It’s worth drilling for oil in ANWR because: America is unnecessarily straining to import oil amidst plenty of its own natural reserves, the fields lie onshore making exploration safe, and lastly, majority of its residents support the move since the activity will not existing rights under the leased area. 6. Despite the American oil policy which has locked up the area for four decades, many Alaskans propose that the government should take the next move (ANWR). The Natural Resource Defense Council’s (NRDC) claims on destruction of habitats may seem illogic because, “modern technology in drilling is accompanied with minimal oil spillage (USGS), and over 80% of bear dens lie in the mainland (ANWR).  5. With technology, one can rely on USGS which uses safe survey in geological seismic processing.


9. In addition, resident Eskimos prefer opening up of the area as President Obama supports that America will get “sustainable jobs, energy and able to compete with other competitors” (Environmental News Service).3. It’s common logic that, if oil production increases in U.S., then foreign dependence on the same will come down. Those advocating for conservation ignore the fact that the area 1002 is mare drop in the ocean, 0.01% of total acreage (DOI). 7. USGS and US Fish and Wildlife further support the move since their research show a 95% certainty in negligibility of any serious environmental threat such as on the calf life, because Alaska rich Bristol Bay remains protected. This  contradicts with NRDC.

2.However, oil production in Alaska ANWR will not immediately be felt (EIA), till 2030, therefore other alternative sources of clean energy should be increased and majored for use in industries and homes; example solar and geothermal given that America has a huge potential to it. 4.The fossil fuel should be limited for use mainly to automobiles. Alaska Marine Conservation Council, Kelly Hareel welcomes the move that “it will not outweigh other risks facing the coastal strip and it will bring balanced petroleum products for use at home.”8. Other oil explorer companies should be allowed to add their views.

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