Drunkenness on Duty


Drunkenness is the act of taking alcohol or other addictive substances that intoxicate and affect the overall body coordination. It may constitute misconduct depending on the level of alcohol consumed. My personal experience was at my workplace, I was indeed a dunked and could not concentrate unless drank. My alcoholic behaviour went on undetected for years but every time it kept worsening until it got to a point my employer noticed of my inability to work and had to replace me. To sustain my behaviour I become an astute liar, and at time could steal from my colleques whenever they left their belongings unattended to.

Information’s to gather in solving Drunkenness on Duty

The information that I require so as to  solve my problem include; my drinking history that describes how I began drinking and the rate at which I kept increasing the amount of alcohol at a single sitting until I got to my current state which has made me alcohol depended. The history provided should be genuine because it will highlight some possible reasons and triggers that encouraged my drinking habit.


Gathering information from my drinking partners on the behavioural change that I portray when drunk, will definitely provide me with an idea of the appropriate amount of alcohol that I can accommodate without causing disturbances.

Analyzing my attendance record a definite pattern of lateness, showed that my absenteeism and late-coming to work occurred regularly on Mondays, or on the days after pay-day, or the day after a public holiday.

The way I related with my colleques was a clear indicator to that my alcoholic problem was far from over because I never respected anyone and never took orders as required.

The process to evaluate the information gathered

To evaluate the amount of alcohol taken I began by laying down an analysis of the exact number of bottles I took and their gradual increase over time. This information will be helpful in knowing the exact amount of alcohol to take and at the same time derive ways to curb it. The data can also be used to determine the alcohol amounts that I can take both in the short and long term. Such information gives a prediction of all the possible triggers and through that I can best understand how to avoid them thus reducing my alcohol dependency.

Through keen study of my behaviour at different states when drinking am able to determine the amount of alcohol that takes me off resulting to unwanted behaviours and through that I can easily regulate the alcohol intake such that at some point I suspend any further drinking thus keeping my behaviour under control.

I came to the realization that I lacked respect to my colleques and work authorities.

Types of things to consider in evaluating the information gathered

 In evaluating the information above the following entails the things to consider; gradual alcohol analysis by carefully studying the amount of alcohol consumed over a certain defined time under certain variables and this will provide valid information.

A study of the changes in behaviour is a clear indicator to consider as I try to avoid the use of excessive alcohol.

Applying the information to resolve the problem

From the information gathered above on the trends in alcohol consumption I chose to resolve my alcoholic addiction by ensuring that gradually stop the intake the alcohol consumption until I completely stop and ensure that I maintain tight discipline at work and lateness to work assisted in ensuring that I  never got hooked back to alcohol.

Regarding the triggers and other factors that lead to the alcohol consumption I decided to do away with all the old ways I employed when hungry and instead opt for other better ways that do not lead me to alcoholic and these really worked in solving my alcohol problem. Finally, by changing my friend who are very influencing towards my alcohol habits ensures that I keep off because alcoholism is all about company.

Things to consider as possible solutions

In an attempt to get possible solutions towards alcoholism I would consider the amount of consumption, the nature of the job I do that might be a cause of the unwanted behaviour, the choice of friends, and avoid possible triggers such as end- month pay, stressful job environment.

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