Sep 12, 2018 in Research

Drug Abuse and Addiction Avoidance

Drug addiction and abuse is an emerging health concern issue. Avoidance of  both drug abuse and addiction has become a topic that various stakeholders in the health industry are pursuing. It is a major challenge facing most countries with a significant part of the youth with vicious behavior. The concern has been that youths who are the most energetic and who should be the ones to participate in national growth, have become drug addicts. Thus, they make no positive contribution to the country. Calls for avoidance of both drug abuse and addiction have been a measure to curb the issue in the healthcare sector.

Friends of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2008) asserts that drug abuse and addiction has a lot of economic burdens associated with it throughout the country. They include health costs, loss in productivity, and crime implications as a result of the vice. The responsibility is usually channeled to the society that carries a lot of incurred economic costs. Both prevention and treatment of drug addiction requires a science-based approach. In this method, medication contributes to eradicating the vice, thus, helping the drug addicts resume their normal productive lives. A set of addiction treatment programs has had a significant impact on the primary objective of the drug abuse reduction. The programs have been reported to achieve positive results after the research reportedly backed its usefulness in decreasing drug addiction cases.

In my opinion, drug addiction and abuse is a matter that should  be taken seriously in the healthcare sector. The current investment in curbing the issue is not enough, and thus, an additional investment is necessary to address the matter, with the professional people employed to help in curbing the depravity. With such a massive investment and appropriate attention to the issue, eradication of the vice will be possible.


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