Sep 12, 2018 in Research

College Experience

 Our life consists of various periods that are extremely important to us.  From the early childhood, parents try to persuade their children that education is the key to success.  Therefore, we start our academic or educational life from primary school and finish it at college.  Studying at school as well as at college has two sides to focus on, namely the very learning process and activities as well as extracurricular work which brings a great variety of positive emotions and lots of pleasure. I personally believe that experience I will gain at college will help me to overcome various obstacles and become a successful professional in the future.

 In fact, I am going to enter the college with the view of becoming a good, highly –qualified specialist. I can say without doubt that studying at college will enable me not only to improve my knowledge but also to develop such traits of character as self-confidence, adequate self-esteem and belief in myself. Without doubt, everything will be quite different in comparison with studying at school. Nevertheless, studying at college will enable me to start thinking over my life, my surrounding and my future. I hope when I start my college life, I will be able to overcome my fears and become more confident. The problem is that I am not a very talkative and outgoing person. I am sometimes even afraid to ask for help. I believe that college life will harden me and also will help me become more active.

 One more relevant thing that should be mentioned is education. Studying at college is a chance to change my life. I realize that studying is not a piece of cake. I will have to burn the midnight oil in order to prepare for my classes and exams. Nevertheless, this experience is priceless for me because when a person is clever and knows his/her subject perfectly, sooner or later he/she will find the desirable job. 

 One more interesting thing is that while studying at college you learn how to cooperate with others and how to resort to different methods which help to make the learning process faster and more interesting. What is more, such method as cooperative learning enables students to work in small groups and solve various problems all together. Everyone has to do a certain part of a task, but the whole result depends on cooperative work. I hope this kind of work will help me to feel free and not afraid to share my ideas and thoughts with others.

 Speaking about extracurricular work, I hope it will be amazing. We will organize parties and different activities that will help us to relax and forget about studying for a while. I know that parties will make us stay up late at night, and it will be quite difficult to wake up the next morning, but it is worth it. College life is unforgettable that is why I personally believe that I will remember it all my life.

 In conclusion, I am convinced that studying at college will bring me not only positive emotions but also new experiences. Knowledge that I will gain at college will help me to become a highly-qualified specialist.

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