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China is one of the top ranking countries with the highest carbon dioxide (CO2) emission in the world.  At present, when you calculate the carbon emission cost diminution, China’s per capita CO2 emission is about twenty five percent of U.S corresponding. According to a research that was conducted by the Chinese researchers, it Cleary shows that if China may want to reduce its carbon emissions per GDP by forty five percent in the year 2020, China have to increase its investment annually by thirty billion U.S dollars. This means that each an every Chinese family have to give approximately 437 Yuan (equivalent to 64 U.S. dollars) per year.

The main causes of China emission is the extreme growth. China is a developing country in Asia, and its population is rapidly increasing day by day. Also, there are a lot of carbon dioxide emission which comes from the burning of oil, coal, natural gas and the production cement. Mostly, China normally relies on its energy through coal; which produces a lot of carbon dioxide pollution. Between 2007 and 2008, the global emission stood at 671 million tons, where three-quarters came from China.

In order to prevent this emission, China should focus on going green. China should focus on how to increase the green energy and decrease coal energy. Carbon dioxide can be reduced at low cost, such as, washing and soaking rice into water for 10 minutes before you cook, can reduce the time of cooking time and you can be able to save 10 percent of electricity. If done so, every household might able to save about 4.5 kW of electricity annually, therefore reducing 4.3kg of carbon emissions annually. If 180 million households in China may adhere to this method, then they will be able to save 800 million kW of electricity and been able to reduce carbon emissions by 780, 000 tons annually. Also, China can reduce carbon emission by the use of electric vehicle or hybrid vehicles. I’m giving these examples since the above sectors are the one with the highest emission of carbon dioxide.


The 2008 evaluation shows that an Australia carbon dioxide emission level is continuing increasing per capita basis. Analyst Maplecroft have approximated that the Australia CO2 per capita stands at 20.5 tons every year. Also, in the latest raking, Australia is among the industrialized countries, therefore making it to have a huge emission from its industries. The major cause of Australia’s emission is from car ownership and huge exports of fossil fuels, like coal.

The Global Carbon Project has found that the levels of carbon dioxide from human activities are extremely increasing for an approximation of two percent per year, 1.3 tonnes of carbon per capita. But the good news is that the levels of carbon dioxide are faintly reducing when compared to previous years, where the global financial crisis was high. Australia needs to focus on green energy and electric vehicles, since they are the one which contributes to high emission. As an industrialized country, the government should not look at the cost of fixing the wind energy, but its benefit to the world and mostly to its citizens. Also, the government have to demoralize the use of fuel vehicles and encourage electric vehicles, which will assist to reduce carbon emission at a higher rate.

Saudi Arabia     

The World Bank data shows that the Saudi Arabia produce a carbon dioxide emission of 3.6 per capita, which is equivalent to 266, 083 tonnes. The main causes of carbon dioxide emission in Saudi Arabia are from mass production of combustion of liquid, solid and gaseous fuel and transport sector. Also, the increasingly population growth is another factor which accumulate to high emission.

Saudi Arabia should not relies heavily on fuel as a source of energy, but it should focus on others means like green energy, which can sustain its needs and at the same time, reducing the carbon dioxide emission.

The Breathing Earth normally focuses on the carbon dioxide emission per nation, rather than per capita. In above three countries, the Australia and Saudi Arabia have the world’s worst polluters; however their carbon dioxide emissions are not much prominent on Breathing Earth due to relatively low population. On other hand, a country like China has a higher population and it’s the worst polluters in the world, therefore making it to more prominent on Breathing Earth.   


The best way of reducing the carbon dioxide emission is to agree on going green. At present, the world is at high risk due to the high increase of carbon dioxide emission. As a result, it’s an obligation for each an every country to reduce its CO2 emission by going green. The U.S is the super power nation and it’s the reading country with the highest emission. In the last meeting at Copenhagen, the meeting was disrupted due to disagreement. The United State and other countries like China should agree to reduce their emission or else the Mother Nature will be into hot water. 

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