Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is one of the famous victors in History. Alexander was the son of queen Olympias and Philip II of Macedonia. Despite the fact that Alexander was not a Greek, he learnt Greek cultures and believes at an early age. Aristotle was his teacher who taught him the Greek culture and how to defend it. Apart from the Greek Philosophy, Alexander also learnt arts, science and military training. He was taught to be a ruler to conquer as many cities as possible to extend the Greek civilization. He admired to become a teacher and spread the Greek culture to the whole world (Squires, 2010). 


Alexander’s father was the king of Macedonia. Alexander did not have a good relationship with his father. In fact, the two used to argue even in public. It is believed that Alexander was involved in the assassination of his father. He father died when he was twenty years and he succeeded him. As a king, Alexander spread Greek civilization to all cities. He fought many battles successfully and conquered cities. He expanded his emperor to the whole of Persia. He married many daughters of the kings of other cities and acquired many wives. Unfortunately, Alexander did not live to see his kingdom that he had fought so much for grow. He died at the age of 32. He did not mention the heir of his kingship as he had an urgent death (Bursztajn, 2005). 

It is hard to determine whether Alexander was an autocratic or he wanted to spread the Greek civilization. Whichever the case, Alexander is the greatest conqueror in the Greek history. In fact, the Greek culture and civilization would not have enriched the society without Alexander. It would be hard to spread the Greek culture, philosophy and civilization to Rome and other parts of the world without the heroic actions of Alexander. 

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