African American Culture

In the U.S. African American Culture refer to the cultural contributions of Americans of Africa origin to the culture of the United States, as part or distinct from the culture of America. This paper critically analyses the issues facing African American Culture. Further more it describes the role of politics, public policies and economics relating to this group.

The black Americans culture constitutes the largest racial minority in the U.S and forms the majority group after the whites. The histories of this culture begin in 17th century with the indentured servitude in the colonies of America and proceed; to the election of the current president Barack Obama who comes from this culture. Between these marks there were and still issues that face the culture, it ranges from slavery, reconstruction, development of the African-American community, participating in great military conflicts, racial stratification and civil rights movement (James, 2008).


The culture is assimilated Sub-Saharan Africa and the sahelean cultures.  Although slavery prejudiced and discriminate the ability of the African Americans practicing their cultural traditions, values, practices and beliefs. Over time it has assimilated the European American culture.

By the use of taxonomic category, African American, either in public, health or any other fields, fundamentally shows the historic and contemporary system of racial stratification in the American society. The term African American as the categorical can be termed to be pluralism, as it includes many different segments of t5he population of America called black (Airhihenbuwa, 1989).

Other issues include; lack of opportunity and safety, as there have been industrial job losses and failure in controlling crimes in the cities dominated by blacks. Break down of families in this culture is very high. This is because welfare has reduced the value of black man. Black anti-intellectualism is another issue; where the blacks tend to act like the whites that are assimilation of white culture in it. There is the failure of urban k-12 schools as unions of teachers and the establishment of education is moistly interested in pay rise than student achievement.  The existence of incarceration rate of black men on top of reduced respect for the human life due to higher rates of abortion, the people of this culture have really suffered from victim logy.

Public policies like the licensing requirements; the government imposes barriers to labor-intensive entrepreneurial opportunities. The licenses are the de-facto re-creation of the Jim Crow laws. Are passed in the name of safety and health but in the real sense they serve to protect current cartel providers and union jobs. Further more; continual increase on the minimum wages makes it more attractive to invest in capital equipment than hiring unskilled workers from the African American Culture individuals in the entry level training positions (Moorbey, 2009).

The role of politics the African American Culture is towards the negative side. For example it has increased the rate of incarceration of the black men. For example Democratic Party is a conspirator of war in drugs in order to garner suburban votes. Instead of fighting to decriminalize drugs and reduce the time of jail that is served by family members of its most loyal voters. Further more it has lead to the radical relativism. This is because black leaders ant the liberal academics do not criticize the highest level of obscene behavior of some people in the culture. Due to politics leaders have turned a black eye on the effects of Hip Hop Culture in the African American Culture. On the other hand, they applause the legitimacy it receives.

The role of economy has led to family break down in the African American Culture. In the recent past welfare has been the constitutional right that makes government dependency more attractive than husband. Also due to growth in economy, more industries are shifting from manual labor to automated labor. (Moorbey, 2009) stated that it is as the result unskilled workers from this culture of African American culture to lose jobs hence remain poor.

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