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Thomas Jefferson


Through history Thomas Jefferson is remembered by many in many different ways first as a great linguist, his distinction as an architect, naturalist although they would concur with his own evaluation. Thomas Jefferson was third born in a family of ten children and he was a very influential citizen of the welsh origins born in the year 1743 on the 3rd of April. Through the years he underwent education doing law and at some point wanted to manage his fathers farm estates since he had a passion for agriculture. (Thomas Jefferson 06)When looked back in the years between 1743 when he was born through to the year 1788 where this order begins he had gone through lots including lots of political positions and other governing desires.


In the year 1788 was the year Thomas Jefferson returned to Europe from Paris where he had served as the minister of France after he had succeeded Benjamin Franklin and served for three years since 1785 to 1788 when he returned to Europe. He was forty five years and expected to regain his position back and also wanted to spend time with his family his three remaining daughters. One the youngest had died during his stay in France. On the twenty sixth of 1789 the congress confirmed his appointment as secretary of state although he was not even aware of this appointment; this was in the first administration of state of Georges Washington who was the new president. (History of American Presidents)

Thomas Jefferson accepted this position although he was reluctant at first but due to the insistence of Washington he finally accepted. He served as the secretary of state for some years and like usual he had enemies who criticized his work who were led by Alexander Hamilton.

Thomas was under a lot of pressure because Washington was really siding with Alexander;      Jefferson suspected Alexander and others of being involved in a party that was emerging known as federal party, which was suspected to be a secret design to establish monarchist ideals and institutions in the government. Thomas was not satisfied with his position and saw it as a minority within the cabinet which led him to resign from this position in the year 1793 around the month of December and therefore resulted to his announcement to the public that he was resigning from the public and political life. (Kamen 02)

During his three years of retirement Thomas Jefferson concentrated on his family and the farm where he invented a few agricultural related machines like the plow and even ventured in to planting peach tress and even built a nail factory. He spend time entertaining distinguished guests and even his grand children and their visitors.

Thomas Jefferson had always believed that the African people were substandard to the whites and termed them as of lower class and that they could not live with the white people in peace. Jefferson owned almost two hundred slaves at any point in time and over seven hundred in his lifetime. The record of Jefferson Thomas of having very many slaves was well known and this made him among the most progressive elements in the whole of southern society. His legacy of keeping slaves remained throughout his life .Although he was retired Thomas Jefferson followed keenly the political, national and international development. (History of American Presidents)

In 1796 John Adams was selected as the next president and Thomas Jefferson was the vice president after being defeated for three electro votes which under the law awarded him the office of the vice president. Thomas thought that he would work well with john Adams since the two men were anti-Hamilton’s. Jefferson’s return to political light was triggered by his opposition to the treaty of Jay in 1795 which negotiated  commercial rights between the Britain and the united states .this treaty had caused an uproar in the united states and Thomas felt that with the absence of this treaty united states could have secured recognition for the neutral rights for itself. During his reign as the vice president Jefferson labored to check the authoritarian drift of the national government and secretly authored the Kentucky Resolution. His main objective was to create and provide his party with very good principles and gain more strategies that would help him win the election in the year 1800. (History of American Presidents)

Thomas Jefferson’s plan of being the president was almost shattered when their was a tie during the counting of votes with his opponent Aaron Burr, this shifted the elections to the house of representatives and to Jefferson’s surprise due to the influence of Hamilton he won the elections. On his first speech in the inauguration ceremony he insisted that to his political enemies that they should burry the hatchet of the passed decade and unite as Americans. (Kamen 27) Although some of his political enemies did not like his policies and leadership the people had already approved and this was because he led with very great objectives his achievements during his term as the president was note because a lot of things really changed because his strategies were effortlessness and prudence which helped him and his administration in his leadership.

The president Thomas Jefferson approved his policies that are the military policies were cut, the sedition and Alien Acts were allowed to drop, plans were completed to put out the public debt and the best to the people was the reduction of internal taxes. (History of American Presidents) he one that topped up his achievements was when the purchase of the Louisiana in 1803 which doubled the size of the country. Thomas also defeated the Barbary pirates who had became a nuisance to the American ships in the Mediterranean. When there was a new election in the year 1804 Jefferson had became so famous and popular which led to him winning the election in every state except two that is Delaware and Connecticut.  (Owino 35)

The second term of Thomas Jefferson began with some achievements also which the favorable settlement was concluding the Tripolitania war which ran between the years of 1801 through to 1805, this was whereby the newly created U.S navy fought its first war. Thomas also spent his time protecting the neutral rights of the American merchants from the French and British. (History of American Presidents) The second term of Thomas Jefferson’s was not as successful as the first the second was faced by a few hitches which contributed much to his down fall the main disillusionment had its beginning in Europe with the recommencement of the Napoleonic Wars, which resulted in naval blockades in the Atlantic and Caribbean that brutally reduced American trade and pressured the U.S. government to take sides in the conflict. (Thomas Jefferson 45)

His other main concern was on the foreign affairs of which he experienced a notable disappointment, many northern were roused because they experienced economical constrains which had been caused by the Embargo act of 1807 which banned practically most imports and almost all exports.  These disappointments led to the rebirth of the popularity of the Federalist Party and contributed the retiring from presidency in the year 1809.


When Jefferson retired he was in great debt he went back to live in Monticello. In 1812 Jefferson wrote a letter to John Adams reminding him of their years together in politics as laborers and informing him that he was happy with his life and what he was doing that is he was riding horses and enjoying the company of his grand children and even great grand children. Adams replied the letter a month later also telling him that he was okay and that he was looking at the prospect of the unions in future. Another letter was sent to Jefferson by Adam a few months later telling him on the importance of Christian attribute to political unity so as to maintain American independence, Jefferson’s replied the letter by sending Adams some cutouts of the Jefferson’s bible with readings of the bible this letters went as they testified of their Christianity to one another until the year 1825.(Owino 34)

During this time he also dedicated himself to designing and construction of University of Virginia as from 1819 until its opening in the year 1825.he was still in debt and gained assistance of his friends who had still were prominent in the administration and he was also dependent on slave labor only freeing some of them. (Kamen 116) His heavy indebtedness led to all his possessions including the slaves being mortgaged to his creditors. There was fundraising that were organized to help the former president they even requested his creditors to forgive his debts. (Kamen 117)

The third president of United States died in the year 1826 on the forth of July at the age of 83 years old and was buried in Monticello. His gravestone bears the words “He was buried Thomas Jefferson, author of the declaration of American independence of the statute of Virginia for American freedom and father of the University of Virginia”. (History of American Presidents) On the same day John Adams died and his last words are believed to be “Thomas Jefferson still lives”. His life has been said to be an inspiration to many and will be a legend in the history of United States for many generations to come.

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