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The U.S and European Democracies


In spite of the world going global, the political environment of different societies is yet to go global. This means that different nations have their own political environments. Therefore, nations rarely adapt or borrow political strategies from other societies. In this case, the political organization of the United States of America is extremely different from the political organization of European democracies. In addition, other political strategies have their strategies centered against the political party while others use candidate-centered politics. For this reason, it is essential to conduct an evaluation of a political party organization in European democracies and US together with party-centered and candidate-centered politics.


In America, only two principal parties exist. The two parties are Republican Party and the Democratic Party (Patterson 88). In the past, during the creation of the American constitution, there was no provision for the creation or organization of the political parties. For this reason, certain instances at the local level candidates tend to go alone without the need of a political party to seek for votes. According to Patterson, the American culture forms the basis of the organization of the political parties (88). However, throughout the years, political parties in America have come to adapt to a certain organization.

On the contrary, many of European Democracies enjoy a multiparty political system. In the past, many of these nations were responsible for the creation of the political parties (Patterson 89). According to the formation of their government, the multiparty system was a form of creating democracy in the nation. In this case, most of the European democratic states included the organization and formation of political parties. Patterson states that the organization of political parties in European democracies follows a strict form of organization due to the laws in the constitution like parties should have a manifesto portraying the mission and strategies of the party unlike the formation of parties in US (90). However, the party members make the rules or the political parties.

The formation of political parties in the US is through people who have the same political ideologies coming together to drive their agenda. The members have the mandate to choose a person who they feel is suitable to represent them at any election either at a national level, or at a local level (Patterson 100). In this case, the organization of political parties in America is politically centered. This is where the party tends to drive its main agendas. In this case, the members choose one person to represent them and drive the agendas of the party as his or her own. Moreover, voters choose a party during elections and not a candidate.

On the other hand, the European democracies have a different organization of their political parties. In this case, different people who have the same political agenda come together to form a political party according to the constitution. However, those who want to become leaders are elected by the different members of the political parties. In this system, the leaders tend to drive their agendas rather than the party agendas. Therefore, European democracies apply candidate-centered political style. It is worth noting that voters elect a candidate and not a party during elections.

If the America would apply European style of political operation, American politics would not perform cohesively. This is because America is a super natural power that contains vast resources. In this case, if the candidates were to drive their own personal agendas, they will corrupt the whole world. In addition, America is a democratic nation where the people tend to rule the nation. Therefore, if people do not have the power to contribute, American politics would not be able to run cohesively. Finally, in accordance to the American constitution, the states did not want a government that is run by one person. This is because it would be like a dictatorial system of government. For this reason, it would be difficult for the American politics to survive if they were to apply the European style of political operation.

In American, politics are more of party-centered politics

This means that the political party tends to drive the main agendas once in the government. In this case, American politics have been successful. In this situation, if the American politics were to lean towards a candidate-centered style of politics, it might not have a healthy political environment (Patterson 123). In party-centered politics, voters tend to elect their candidate in accordance to the party’s main agenda while in candidate-centered politics voters tend to elect their candidates based on his or her main agendas. Although this is only a fraction of what the two define in politics, American politics environment would not be healthy for leaning towards the candidate-centered.

First, American political environment is extremely democratic in the sense that people have a say in government. In this case, the people come together to join or form a party that supports their core issues. In these parties, they choose one person who is going to act as the voice of the party. As a result, this tends to promote democracy in the American political environment. However, if one person would come up with his or her own agendas, it would be more of a dictatorial political environment once elected. This is because he or she will not take into consideration the views of other people. This would lead to massive opposition resulting into a civil war. Therefore, if America would lean towards a candidate-centered style of politics, it would create an unsound political environment.

Secondly, American politics go beyond the borders because they tend to affect other nations across the globe. Additionally, the American political environment is global since America is a super power. In this case, a group of people with a common interest comes together in either of the two political parties to choose and promote one person who they support to promote their interest (Patterson 125). Additionally, these people have the duty of creating policies that will help America and its environs. This means each party has its strategies and not the candidate. On the contrary, if the politics were to lean on the side of candidate-centered political style, the political environment would be different. The candidate is going to create division in the political environment. This is where he or she would eliminate those who do not favor his or her agendas while supporting allies. Therefore, instead of helping America to grow, the political environment would be of forces fighting each other.

However, in order for the candidate-centered political style to work, several implementations should be made. First, candidate main strategies should be assessed by an independent authority before becoming a candidate. Secondly, there should be the creation of rules to ensure that the candidates elected do not take advantage of the authority for their own personal gains. This way a quality leader who has excellent views without an opportunity to misuse his or her powers will be elected leading to healthy political environment.


According to the above evaluation, it is clear that the organization of political parties in the US is different from European democracies. In America, party formation is done by members with a common interest who choose a person to represent them. On the other hand, members with a common interest where one member presents his or her agendas to become a candidate form a political party. In addition, American political environment is party-centered where people choose in relation to a party. If American political environment would apply a candidate-centered style, the political environment would be unhealthy.

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