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The Collapse of the Soviet Union

The fall of a seemingly vibrant super power in the name of the USSR after the Second World War brought into focus the effectiveness of totaliarism as compared to democracy and the issue of capitalism pitted against communism. Cold war also came to a rather expected end. The question to ask however is: What led to this fall? Roskin in o of his publications tries to argue this out through various theories.  These theories include i8deology theory, the productive forces theory and the leadership theory. The productive forces theory for instance, which believed in common usage of resources for far less important matters. The simple ideas here were that the Soviet Union believed in a socialistic regime that tended to share the resources among its citizens in a rather balanced dimension. This theory tends to explain the failed economic system adopted by the USSR in a bid to compete with capitalism that was largely adopted by many nations. Definitely this was an internal government policy as the whole administration depended on it.


            The three major causes of USSR’S downfall have been traced down to collapse of the economy, disregard for the country’s bureaucratic means and lapses in the political leadership that led to discordance in the alliance. The economy took a downward trend when the native population started producing in low levels as a result of poor motivation from the government. Disregard for the bureaucratic ways led to elements of misrule and decrease in the effect of the military. None of these causes can be said to have solely contributed to the downfall of the alliance but it is quite obvious that a poor economic system would have held more water as compared to the other causes. A poor economy on a decline only mirrored a poor governance and utilization of resources.

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