Jun 25, 2018 in Political

Should the US lead the world?

The world as it stands now is at a very intricate and useful stage of history. Many countries through their leadership regimes have opted to source different ways to stay in the limelight. Powerhouses in various economic sectors have emerged and definitely increase competition and rivalry has been witnessed. From this certain countries have emerged to be in higher social ranks than others.

             One such obvious state is the United States of America whose dominance of the world in different fronts cannot be assumed. To start with America s already leading on so many fronts so that trying to stop its complete dominance of the world will be an exercise in futility. I therefore think that it should be allowed to take on the international reins of power and exercise control like it has done in many instances before.

            To start with, America’s quest for democracy in all nations in the world has boosted its already huge image as a concerned state. His has however, not come the easy way as various leaders with selfish ambitions of holding on to the reins of power have come out strongly to oppose this. This however, has painted a grim picture of the world’s most powerful nation as interfering with the sovereignty of affected countries. I however, believe their input always comes as a relief to most dissenting citizens who suffer the wrath of poor governance.

            Their humanitarian initiatives to problem plagued countries have also painted them as of good intentions. Recent activities in war- torn countries such as Sudan and their input in the Japanese crisis point further into their humanitarian capabilities. Such is their domineering influence that other seemingly strong economies have turned to them for directions. With more rebellion being experienced America is coming out as the only nation that is trying to help countries out of sticky situations is it financially or through donations. We should also not forget their persistent war on terror that if left to manifest would sink the while nation into apathy.

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