Political Cartoon

It is often stated that the aspect of political cartoon indicates the most critical method of representing a political situation and the view of the mass on that context. It is true that the aspect of political cartoon not only reflects the artistry of the representation of the political situation but it actually represents the situation in an insightful manner with elements of satire. This one relates to Obama’s campaign. It is called Piped Pier and it was created by Conservative Punk and was published on May 2008. This cartoon directly indicates that the protagonist is Barak Obama, he is taking the entire population towards a substantial change, and his charms are more like Piped piper of the fairy tales. This cartoon is quite simple in approach and the message is loud and clear.


Obama’s cartoon indicates the doubts, dilemmas, and confusions of then US culture that was gradually, quite slowly indeed, giving way to a new and unique cultural revolution. It would be happening all across the American world and the characters of the cartoon find themselves in the midst of it. People suddenly seemed to realize that there was enough of political warfare to disgrace humanity and it needed change. This specific change is indicated by Obama. The prevailing standards suddenly seemed to be meaningless, and the insurgent youths wanted something different to happen. This ‘something’ took place in the form of political formulation of Obama and change movement and the story of the cartoon depicts exactly this mood.

The cartoon indicates that we are hardly satisfied with the known compositions of our acquaintances. We are never satisfied with what or how we are. We believe in the elements not known, as we believe that there are greener pastures in the unknown. The same context when personalised tends in the concept of believing in persons we hardly know, as we are not deceived by them. We possess the gift of memory and that enables us to remember the unhappy situations that were yielded by our acquaintances. Thus being optimist we always believe that a lesser or unknown person would be more trustworthy than the know person. This is not a variable of wisdom or intellect, but this parameter has more to do with optimism and this is a deep incorporated condition of the human nature and we have to live with it. Actually our trust towards unknown variables is mainly because we, deep inside, are optimist to the core. This is why there is a sense of anti incumbency votes during national ballots. In this case, the unknown quantity is Barak Obama.

Obama’s cartoon is presenting him as a Transformational Leader. It indicates that Transformational Leadership depends on situational factors. These leaders are able to mold themselves in accordance to the demand of the situation. Transformational Leadership purpose takes account of a several activities, and the most important among them is making a decision what staffing requirements one have and whether to use autonomous contractors or take into service employees to meet these needs, appointing and training the most excellent employees, making sure that they are better performers, handling performance related problems, and ensuring that the human resources and administrational practices do the accepted thing to various set of laws. Obama’s cartoon is positive and optimist in nature. If a verdict is to be given, it should be mentioned that the Obama cartoon is clear and humorous that indicates the supporters to follow Obama.

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