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The word democracy in many countries has only been heard through the media, while other countries actually have a chance to enjoy it. Democracy is a word derived from a Greek word, the word is demo which means people and kratos’s means power where by mainly the superlative power is vested in the people. (Parand Dictionary)

Democracy can still be described as the set of rules that favors all the citizens of a country equally without discriminating the colour tribe or even race. It’s also the active participation of people as citizens and civic life. In democracy the people are supreme and are the highest form of political authority this means that the power from the people to the leaders of government who only have the power temporarily.

In a better definition democracy is well known as a political government where it is either carried out directly by the people this is called direct democracy or by an elected representative, the representative is usually elected by the people through transparent voting this helps to make citizens equal by the law and able to have access to power. Democracy mainly involves equality and freedom of the people. (Charles, 2006)

The in better terms it is a philosophy as a term of the rule by the people for the people.

There are different forms of democracy which help the citizens who are being governed by the rule of law this are;

  • Interactive
  • Non- government
  • Liberal
  • Representative
  • Parliamentary

Since Democracy is now the ambition of many and the most popular form of government on earth, a lot is dedicated for it to function well. Until the late 1980s, Democracy was still a marginal form of government.  Majority of governments and the majority of people, lived with no freedom or even able to say something for their country.

Democracy functions in different ways for instance in direct democracy the people are able to contribute a very high percent of the decision making this may be easily done by the citizens of a country giving a proposal and just in case enough citizens agree to the idea either through voting this proposal goes through a channel of experts and on final decisions where citizens vote then it becomes a rule by the people for the people. (Making democracy for the people, 2005)

These kinds of democracy give the people freedom and also maintain the people’s confidence in the chosen government. In other countries the citizens choose a representative where by he or she is supposed to rep the ideas or the queries of the people. Most of the country have used it because they are represented in the government decisions by their representative and if he or she does not represent the people as desired the may vote no confidence in him and therefore another is chosen. (Universal Freedom and democracy1996)

Democracy has really helped in creating peace in many countries where in earlier years the rule was passed without considering the common citizen who may be oppressed by the rule. Because of lack of freedom there were and still there is war in those countries where the democracy is not exercised. (Ninja L. 2004) This is mainly because groups of people tend to disagree with the government where by war outbreaks may be the final result.

A lot of evil than good is experienced in countries where war out breaks have been caused by democracy for example economy of a country is greatly affected, lots of innocent deaths and loss of property worth lots of money.(Kiito 2008)

Democracy helps in very many ways citizens and even non-citizens of a country are able to live peacefully in their country. Peace in any country is the key answer to any success that comes along where by people live and work together and all have one motive to have a stronger and better country. This concludes that democracy no matter what form has done a lot of good and giving more reason why it is called a rule for the people by the people.

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