Political systems in the world have always witnessed varying public opinions with regard to their support. It is therefore not only in the United States where people have different views towards their leadership but across the globe. Many citizens when asked reveal that they do not support the entire leadership system as a block but do recognize specific individuals whom they feel satisfied with. This is the very scenario in the United States where majority of Americans if not all love their respective Congress members but do not love the Congress. It is important to mention that this is not happening in President Obama’s leadership alone; it has been witnessed before (MacIntyre, 2010). The question has always been why Americans how found it so hard and painful to love the entire Congress. Is it because of its overall performance? Are there both internal and external factors which have shaped the attitude of Americans? In need these pertinent questions and issues that have raised concern over the credibility of the entire leadership. However, all is not lost. Americans love their representatives but not the universal set comprising all the Congressmen. What are the reasons and evidence for this scenario which poses a threat to the future leadership of America? 

According to a survey done and released by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News mid this year, the American public agreed that they were not satisfied with the entire congress. This was attributed to a number of factors including but not limited to incompetency of some members of the congress, power madness, corruption and lack of hope. Many Americans believe that the economy of the nation is not doing well and attribute to unworkable decisions made by the Congress through passing of bills and enacting of laws that limit economic expansion. According to the poll, only 17% percent of Americans have hope in the Congress and seem to be convinced and satisfied with its performance (Judis, 2009). 


According to the pollsters who conducted the survey, millions of Americans are disgusted and unhappy with the Congress. The poll further revealed that one of the reasons why Americas were hesitant to love their Congress was because of pending ongoing discussions in which they differed on which position to follow. The health care plan that was being pushed by the President considerably divided Americans with regard to the plan with only 46% supporting the idea (Judis, 2009). Many believed that the plan would not fully improve their lives and that it was going to impose costs which would not be met by the Congress but Americans. With these alarming findings released after a survey, it is worth noting that the Congress is made up of people with varying personality, character and leadership capability. Some members of the Congress gained popularity in their states that landed them to the Congress but failed to deliver at national level. Individual members of the Congress have significantly contributed to the decrease of Congress’ popularity in the United States. Many believe that America is beyond being led by people who are selfish, hopeless and corrupt.

Additionally, a good percentage of Americans have lost faith in President Obama. This is because a number of issues like the healthcare plan he pushed for and the handling of security matters. It is further noted that the president did not respond to the Gulf of Mexico disaster caused by dysfunction of PB’s oil system leading to the leakage of thousands of barrels of oil in the ocean. This is considered as one of the worst American environmental disaster. As a matter of fact, Americans expected the president to be on the fore front in condemning the incidence. His silence and slow move disgusted Americans who believed that as Congress chief, he would have reacted much better than what he did. During the May poll, 47% disapproved the president while 48% voted in his favor (Judis, 2009).

It is clear that American love their members of the Congress but not the Congress. This is attributed to various issues which have taken away the trust of Americans in the Congress. There is enough evidence gathered from opinion polls carried out buy credible institutions like NBC and The Wall Street Journal. This disparity is likely to affect future leadership. Americans will not be willing to reelect the Congress that drowned their hopes come next general election.

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