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Why Do I Wish to Get Admission in Software Engineering

Computer and its technology is turning out to be the 8th wonder of the world. Yet the powers of this wonder are getting unleashed more and more as we tend to make it more adaptive to our needs and desires. However what the computer technology thinks, reads, writes or says,it is all software. However software engineering is much vast and deeper compared to what the general comprehension of programming is concerned. In analytical terms “Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of engineering to software”.

When I was young I got inspired by computers, as my dad used to work on it for his office assignments. When I reached the third grade I had learnt chess from my dad. However I found less time to play with him, to compensate for it, my dad installed a chess program in the pc. For a few years I was bent on my desire to beat the computer on chess. Yet I grew into my teens It  filled me with the desire to find out how does the computer know how to play chess, and it made me as a young boy think on the lines of how computers work, and operate. However I felt that may be my computer also thinks. With time, and exposure to greater technology, and the fiction of hollywood that for some of us is mere fiction, for me it was my guidance to a path. A path of distinct ray of light, a light towards the understanding of my first real friend, my ‘PC’.

In the same pretext I desired to study computers, I started my quest by choosing Computer Science in freshmen. Thereby I pursued Bachelors in Computer Science for my undergrad program.  I scored all ‘As’ in my computer subjects throughout my academic career. During my undergrad program I have learnt programming languages such as Object Oriented C++, Visual Basic and assembly language. I have also on hands experience on Java applets and multiple programming IDEs. Yet I still feel I have just leant the letters and alphabets of some words of vocabulary alone. I still need to learn the art that makes a poet and a writer extinguished from others who read and write in a language. This art of utilization of the computer languages, in a planned and methodical manner is what I seek to learn during the course of my software engineering. I am totally against the common argument that software engineering is mere restricted to working in the programming fields or corporate alone. According to Airbus Engineering department the Airbus (A380) uses a substantial amount of software to create a "paperless" cockpit. Software engineering maps and plans the millions of lines of code constituting the plane's software. In the same pretext, almost all major technological mega or micro creations taking place today, utilize software engineering in terms of design, operation or analysis.

I have chosen ------------University for my pursuit of knowledge because of a few basic facts. This university has a history of field proven professionals, who have been serving the art of software engineering in the field for years now. The reason I term it as an art is, that Software is one form of engineering which in the hands of a master can do miracles. I would not like to sound too fiction minded but only a decade or so remains when software programmers and engineers would open up new portals to mankind, as we saw in the movie ‘matrix’.

The faculty of this university is well reputed and known to have imparted divine knowledge in its students. Owing to their sheer dedication, hard work and quest for excellence that they repeated keep in pursuit of, the academic results and market reputation of the graduates of this university are a landmark for others to follow.

In the vast specialties of software engineering itself, I wish to try out my skills in artificial intelligence. In my personal opinion this is one major break point subject of the 21st century. Though, it has been persistently explored for the last two decades or more. Yet in my personnel belief there is a great deal of more to be done yet. I have tried to have some basic knowledge of neural networks and fussy logics in my own time, out of sheer interest. Still I truly desire that I may get a chance to study and explore their knowledge banks under the guidance and focus of the able faculty of this university.

In light of my above sentiments, I am confident that I would be granted a chance to pursue my thirst for knowledge in the field of Software Engineering and be granted with a chance to get admission in this honorable university in said discipline.

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