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Where I have come from, What I have Learned and Where I am Going as a Writer

Where I have come from, What I have Learned and Where I am Going as a Writer

Since I joined the writing program, I have been able to compose a wide range of writngs.The whole writing exercise came out as a process whereby I had to think and rethink ideas, invent, revise and edit after inventing and drafting. The writings were based on various subjects and were meant for different audiences. Upon reflection on the entire period and the much I have been able to learn, I can confidently state that so much as happened to me as far as writing is concerned.

To start with, the numerous exercises that we did that were so much inclined on teaching the ability to develop texts have had a profound effect on my writing. Before I took this program I had the habit of just taking my pen and paper and doing my writing without any proper organization of my ideas. The end result was always a disorganized collection of words that took my teachers and fellow students a long time to not only read but also understand. But this is not the case as at now. I am an accomplished writer who organizes ideas on a piece of paper and then puts them down in the right order. I end up coming up with well organized writings that even surprise me. It is indeed a change that has occurred in me that I appreciate. I thank my tutors for it.

Secondly, before taking this course, I had a unique form of laziness that always prevented me from going through my work after writing so as to see whether there were any mistakes to be rectified before forwarding for marking. My tutor noticed this and then encouraged me to always revise and edit my work so as to improve my score. I held a couple of conferences with the tutor whereby I got helpful advice on how to go through my work so as to check for mistakes. I now have the patience to go through my work after writing it and that means that the potential to score good marks is now something that is within my reach. An example of this is when I took an essay writing assignment at the beginning of the quarter and wrote if pretty fast since I was almost going past the deadline. Instead of taking a few minutes to go through it, I just decided to forward it for marking. The result was a high number of mistakes ranging from simple spelling mistakes that I am sure I cannot make to complex grammar errors that I am fully aware that I can be able to deal with if I have the patience to go through my work. I held a consultative conference with my tutor and since then I have changed this trend.

The third and last change that has happened to me in this course is perhaps the best according to me. Before taking the course I had the tendency to get scared any time I was given a writing assignment. To put it simply, I had great fear of writing pieces like essays and research papers. But as at now I feel that this has changed. I am not very sure but it is possibly because of the high number of exercises that I have done that have driven the fear away and given me the skills that have made me realize that writing is not hard. It is just like any other academic work and does not need to be feared, but can instead be enjoyed.

From the whole experience I feel that I have been able to gain something useful in my academic life. I look forward to learning more and I hope that the encouraging trend does not stop. Given that much of college work is about writing, understanding and accepting this crucial area will definitely make my college academic life easier.

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