What every entrepreneur needs


Every entrepreneur requires mixing of different elements so as to achieve the desired success. One way that has made this possible is the introduction of various web tools and technology services that can be used to achieve the desired success. For manufacturers, through the use of web and technology one can be able to have an effective marketing strategy, financial know how and the best manufacturing specialists. Having the best manufacturing strategies gives the entrepreneur venture into the business efficiently. Knowing of the various local resources that entrepreneurs can use in their manufacturing sector to achieve their dream success is one of the main goals of the Great Lakes Bay Regions which hosts a variety of web and technology resources that can provide the manufacturers with rich vital resources that they can implement to develop their enterprises (Maitra, 106). Some of the services that are offered by the great lakes bay regions that can help entrepreneurs in manufacturing sector include involving the community in the decision making, use of blogs, calendars, resource links, wiki and mentors among  others services that can help entrepreneurs experience growth in the manufacturing sectors. Use of these services can enable manufacturing entrepreneur’s experience prosperity and fast business growth and innovation which is a very healthy phenomenon in the business market.


One ways through which entrepreneurs can realize their dreams in the manufacturing sector is through involving the community on discussions regarding to manufacturing processes. This can be done through web based discussions, online live events and holding of online forums. Through the use of this company’s web tools and technologies, the entrepreneurs can obtain maximum benefits in the manufacturing sector (Joch, 156).



Entrepreneurs involved in manufacturing business should be able to provide leaders who direct engage and motivate the community in talking part in discussions whether web based discussions or online live events. Use of blogs in the manufacturing sector will help entrepreneurs develop momentous discussion with their potential clients and hence provide their clients with the best manufactured goods or services after listening to the clients’ reviews through blog.


Small enterprises fail to develop due to their failure of creating awareness of the goods or services they are offering. Entrepreneurs should use calendars are a way of advertising their newly developed manufacturing products so that the region has enough awareness of what they are offering and what are the benefits of using particular manufacturing procedures in development of particular goods (Hirsrich, 407). New entrepreneurs can use the calendars to learn how existing entrepreneurs have been manufacturing their products.


Use of frequently asked section by the manufacturers act as a stepping stone by the small innovate entrepreneurs. New manufacturers’ can use this service to get valuable information about clients concerns and interest in the manufacturing sector. When establishing an new enterprise, going through the list of frequently asked question can guide an entrepreneur in make the best decisions on how to go about in the manufacturing sector.


Entrepreneurs can use ‘the wiki’ to give the general overview of critical areas in the manufacturing sector. Entrepreneurs can use this web tools in explaining the benefits of incorporating a particular step in the manufacturing process and hence help them win more customers thought the enlightenment process.Mentors

Manufacturing entrepreneurs can use the information obtained in this web tools and technologies section to get mentor who can guide them understand more about the field. Involving the community in various web discussions about manufacturing is viewed as a method or a channel of developing mentors relationship which can supports and help regional entrepreneurs establish their businesses effectively and hence experience fast growth ( Silvester et al, 253).

Other services that small enterprises may require in the manufacturing sector to experience fast growth and development include use of resource links and development of a glossary as a way of creating more awareness to the clients. Entrepreneurs can use resource links to help them overcome most challenges experienced in the manufacturing sector. One efficient way of developing resource links that can help young entrepreneurs in experiencing fats development and growth in the manufacturing sector is through the use careful research of online content in resource links.


Entrepreneurs can use the web tools and technologies provided by The Great Lakes Bay region to reach a diverse urban community and hence experience tremendous growth in various business sectors. The services offered by the great lakes bay regions region will enable manufacturing entrepreneurs be more productive than before if its concepts are well implemented. The only way through which manufacturing entrepreneurs can be able to compete well in this generation is through use technology entrepreneurial support services ( Xerox, para 7).

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