Jun 25, 2018 in Personal

Self Assessment

I am a writer with a passion to use my craft to tell my story, and express myself.  Like any good writer my work can still get better. This paper illustrates my strengths and weaknesses as a writer in the journey to perfect my skill. I am weakest in my writing in instances where I have to tackle a general question that could be interpreted to several meanings.

Of all the assignments I have embarked on, the most challenging one was an essay whose title was “What are the factors that make a good film?” The essay required me to discuss the question while citing examples. For me the challenge was not writing   the five hundred words required, it was doing so in three hours. I lost a lot of valuable writing time trying to define the question, what a good movie is to me, may not be a good to the next person, therefore defining the factors that make it a good movie may vary as the good movie is not uniformly defined.

I turned to my online library to learn the movies classified as the best of all time. The best movies varied from the best selling ones to those that had used the lowest budgets in creation. Some online sources labeled a movie as great from opinion polls drawn from website ratings from specialized user groups like film students, film critics and seasoned cinematographers, while others gauged them based on their start studded casts.

After going through the numerous definitions of good movies I decided to zero in on the factors that were common in all the so called the best. I managed to draw them out and create an essay from the information. Although I successfully completed my assignment, I almost missed the deadline, and did not have much time to proofread my work.

This was not the first time was facing the dilemma of defining the examiners requirements. When a question is ambiguous it usually takes me a lot more time than necessary to define it. However with the experience  of the “Good movies “assignment I have  learnt to pick on the meaning that makes sense to me and qualify it in my introduction.

I do best in creative writing where I am not guided to any particular topic and the content of my paper is based from my experiences. I enjoy this form of writing most because of the freedom that comes with it. I recently wrote a paper titled “What I want to make out of my life”. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the five page assignment as I freely used words to paint my picture perfect life of the future, and also made good grades out of it.

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