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Rocking and Rolling: What They've Done to My Song

Music has played a very important role in society in terms of transmitting culture and passing on ideas, it has been used to convey messages to people and helped them understand culture easily. It is with no doubt that those with selfish interests and agendas want to abolish certain genres of music such as; rock and roll, hip hop and reggae by driving negative claims against it. I clearly agree with the author of the article “From Fine Romance to Good Rockin’—and beyond: Look What They’ve Done to My Song”; rock and roll music faces negative publicity which is aimed at tarnishing it.

In my view it is very clear that some people have a lot of reproach towards rock and roll music due to its tainted image with some referring it as an abomination, poison and disgrace to society. Before any judgment is taken on the music then its source and culture should be identified to avoid making the wrong inference about the music and its diehard fans. The controversial, rock and roll music has been opposed by prominent politicians, musicians of other genre and misinformed citizens due to self interest in religion, politics, economics, and music who aim to abolish its existence through censoring.

Rock and roll has been claimed to be music done by juveniles for juveniles to fulfill their desire to acquire vast wealth, and a custom to the African Americans. This made it as music for the low class standards and priorities. Its plight continues when it is linked to sexual intercourse; this makes it look like a disgrace to western civilization and cultural values of society. the lyrics of rock and roll music have been labeled sexually explicit and obscene, in view of the fact that romance was part of the content; such a song include Jerome Kern’s classic “All things You are” of 1939.

Its predecessors were young teenagers who never paid attention to parental advice and this made it seem as form of rebellious music to suit the teenagers’ needs. These negatives were put forward by those who furthered their agenda of racism and were elitists; uninformed persons have continued to condemn the music and fans with no solid evidence of the wrongs of it, but, I can state with precision that rock and roll has continued to grow strong despite the sideshows and making a significant impact in the society and the entertainment industry.

Budds, 504 begs to differ with the many critics of this music pegging his defense on the fact that those who oppose it do it for the sake of personal gains or just misinterpretation. Rock and roll is characterized by a free expression of mind of all individuals and drives important ideas and values to the society. Its rhythmic appeal that is really emphatic brings out the energy in the song and ensures that the songs appeal to a more energetic generation. Rock and rolls appealing attributes such as the beautiful lyrics and the nature of the text all have made it likeable to the youth and the general society.

It is also characterized by poetic lyrics that are sophisticated, clever, and have calculated substance that addresses every controversial subject without prejudice. Budds, 505 gives a rhythm and blues song i.e. “Sixty Minute man” by Tin Pan Alley a rhythm and blues songs contains vulgar language like “Looka here girls, I’m telling you now they call me lovin’ Dan. I rock ‘em all night. I’m a sixty-minute man. There’ll be fifteen minutes of kissin; then you’ll holler, please don’t stop” There’ll be fifteen minutes of teasin’ and fifteen minutes of pleasin’ and fifteen minutes of blowin’ my top. If your man aint treating you right, come here and see old dan” that has so much explicit content that advocates seduction and sexual activity, this in my view is as opposed to rock and roll which though speaks about sexual content it gives the informative side of the topic that help the youth discover and inform themselves rather that engage in it.

Rock and roll music has institutionalized the young Americans and led to a great change in the purpose of popular music. This change was characterized by acceptance of popular music in entertaining all age groups that we light hearted and had a sense of humor. Rock and roll revolutionized the society in respect to political and social responsibilities and the youth were more aware of their civil liberties and obligation in society.

After reading “From Fine Romance to Good Rockin’—and beyond: Look What They’ve Done to My Song” one realizes that rock and roll in society can be seen to replace folk music that was used extensively in the era of civil rights movements to address social injustice, warmongering, and hypocrisy. This made the music embraced by many young Americans who were open in spirit and uncorrupted by the social systems. The many allegations of casual use of profanities, drug abuse, and graphical expression of sexual appealing have all been false and the critics and their personal agenda have failed to convince those who are enlightened.

Music has evolved much and many styles such as rap hip hop, funk and soul have been developed just to appease the youth who are mainly the targets of most music but rock and roll remains controversial as ever. It is clear to many that the wrong perception of rock and roll creates fear in the social setting but once they listen to the message they begin to understand better about rock and roll. It remains as a shocker and challenge to the social code and indispensable in the social setting.  The young fans and artists have continued to develop the music and passing on the message in a bid to prove the critics wrong and tell them that the undying spirit still ranges on. It is a platform for the youth who are energetic and not fearful to express them while giving others knowledge that helps revolutionizes them. In my opinion, music in any form can never be perfect and rock and roll is no exception but the misinterpretations has made many people in society not get to experience the unimaginable entertainment in this music that can transform their lives.

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