Personality Reflection

Personality is defined as characteristic patterns of thoughts, behavior and feelings that make a person be different from others. In addition to this, personality arises from within oneself and remains almost the same throughout one’s entire life.

There are some key personality features that define you, and this include: Consistency; a situation where people act in similar ways, in different situations. Psychological and physiological features; research suggests that personality is affected by biological processes. Impact behaviors and actions; personality influences our movements and response to the environment and also makes us act in different ways. Multiple expressions; this where personality is not only portrayed by behavior, but is also seen in feelings, thoughts, close relationship and other social factors.


The following are the concepts that are used to explain personality: The trait concept views personality as a result of inner characteristics that are genetically based. Type concept suggests that there are limited number of “personality types” which have relations to biological influences. Psychodynamic concepts; they primarily involve psychosexual stage and psychosocial development. The Behavioral concept suggests that personality results from interaction between the individual and the environment.

My personality features are consistent in the following ways. It happens that most of the time I behave in similar ways. This is well portrayed when I find myself repeating similar mistakes that I did before. Again, I find myself behaving like members of my family and this consistent feature exists because some personality features are genetically inherited. Personality is consistent because of the environmental influences that affect ones actions.

I have not taken a personality test before. Personality tests are used to determine one’s values, skills and interests. They can be used to assess the type of a person one is, determine their aptitude for a certain career. Therefore, a proper personality test should measure the following : Aptitude test; this measures one’s ability to acquire skills. This is mostly used by employers to screen candidates for job positions. Career tests; they are used to provide an indication of which jobs match personality type.

Intelligence test; this measure how smart one is or level of intelligence. It measures ones mental skills. Inventories; this checklist is used to identify factors which one relates to and which one doesn’t. They measure how one’s interest relates to others in a certain occupation. Personality Test; this tests measures one’s personal characteristics, emotional makeup and stability. They are mostly used by trained career counselors to help in assessing themselves as part of the career planning process.

Personality test measure would be reliable and valid only if one is able to acquire skills and employ them in their area of employment efficiently. Validity is measured where the employer is able to give the right judgment by assigning the correct and relevant job to match personality type. Personality test will be reliable if only correct judgment of mental skill is given to a person. Occupational test would also be reliable and valid in the sense that it is able to give the correct characteristics and emotional makeup.

In conclusion, personality is entailed of different factors. Personality defines different individuals, defines why people behave and act differently from each other. Personality test are also very important in defining the type of a person one is and how he or she is able to cope with others.

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