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Personal Statement

The desire to work in the field of clinical psychology has fascinated me since my childhood. As I reflect back on my past, I remember mentioning to my family my desire to take care of the mentally ill and others in societies who are labored by problems in life that affected them mentally. While this desire seemed a farfetched idea then, I turned out to be a psychologist with a bias towards clinical psychology. For a number of years ranging from my years in campus and my practicum, I have worked with various people who have mental problems, an opportunity that equipped me with skills on how to handle such patients. Being that I was to be an authority in the field of Clinical Psychology, I have a burning desire to pursue more knowledge. Given your acclaimed reputation Doctorate Degree in Psychology program, I am confident that my enrolment in this course will help me achieve my personal and professional goals.

My decision to seek enrolment in Doctorate in Psychology program stems from the desire that I have to help others care for their mental health and well being. It has also been reinforced by my practicum experience as an undergraduate. In the course of the practicum, I witnessed inevitable struggles of life and death. I realized just how intricate and fascinating the human mind is. One of my most memorable experiences was at Life Care, my practicum site, with this ninety-nine year old lady with whom I worked for about six months. The experience I had dealing with her imparted on me invaluable lessons that would determine how I deal with and treat patients. The lady was lonely and bitter. She was also defensive and full of resentment. She also suffered from severe cataracts and could barely see which contributed to her short temper.

This made dealing with her a nightmare for any medical professional. She was known throughout the facility as a difficult person to handle. Her lonely and grief I would learn later was due to neglect by the family. For some time, the lady remained hostile towards me. However, after dedicating extra time and patience to work with her, I won her confidence and she finally warmed up to me, slowly giving me eye contact and giving me a smile. With time, my patient formed a special bond with me. She would share and disclose her fears and worries to me. My experience with geriatric patients and families at nursing homes was incredibly rewarding. I feel extremely honored to have come across a lady who is full of wisdom gained from a life that spanned a century.

Together with these, I am equipped with skills that enable me to work in a multicultural set-up. This is best explained by my background. I grew up in Africa before relocating to the United States. Here in the U.S I lived in California, Hawaii and Texas. These are all states that are racially and culturally very diverse. The places I lived brought me into contact with people of different cultures. This gave me a unique opportunity of learning the various cultures and how to respect them, understand them and be tolerant. Today I have learnt to appreciate other peoples’ way of life and to accommodate different opinions something that has proved to be a useful skill in my career. It also enables me to reach out to others; colleagues and patients and to build the necessary networks to ensure I meet my goals at the individual and group level.

However working and living in a multicultural setting comes with its own challenges. I faced people who were completely indifferent yet I was supposed to work with them while some cultures are so different that something that is acceptable and honorable in one culture maybe considered profane in another culture. This calls for a lot of tolerance, patience and understanding. Dealing with a people who are diverse has also the challenge being able to take a stand on an issue that is sensitive. On one hand there is the temptation of being soft and therefore compromising with the situation and on the other hand being hard on people which ends up creating resentment. I learnt to be firm but fair. I believe the skills that I acquired will be instrumental both in pursuing my doctorate and in my profession.

Currently I am working with at-risk adolescents. At my current practicum, I facilitate art therapy at an educational and therapeutic day school for at-risk adolescents. My experience with art therapy art therapy has been amazing. My areas of interest and which I would want to specialize in are depression, anxiety, child-parent conflict, substance abuse, art therapy and expressive arts.

The Doctor of Psychology Program at the prestigious XYZ School, will be instrumental in preparing me for doctoral level licensure as a clinical psychologist. Being a current student at XYZ School, I know that the faculty actively engages in academic and clinical coursework that offers practical learning experience. With these I am convinced that I will impart significant influence on the clinical psychology discipline that will go a long way in improving on quality of care and level of efficiency.

As I look forward for your consideration into admitting me for the program, I am excited into being part of the XYZ School community. Given the experience, diversity and qualities that I possess, I see myself being a useful resource to the entire class undertaking the program. Ultimately, I envision being a key member of the university’s alumni.

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