My Journey as a Writer

A bud that grows confidently into a full-bloom plant is me as a writer. As healthy plant is supplied by sunshine and water in order to grow, I was supplemented by writing exercises and mentorship that allows me to develop my potentials as a writer. From the beginning of the class up to the end, until now that I reached another start, I was like a small bud that little by little, increases in height and weight.

How did I begin? It was a normal day and it just happened that I was part of the writing class. As days passed by, I was introduced to different and varied writing concepts, from basic do’s and don’ts up to complex cardinals. Then, I met “S-LV-O”, the most common subject-verb agreement, “proper punctuation”, the usable symbols in writing, “logical plan”, the mental or written backbone of an article and a lot more.


And the peak of it all was the day I started writing my own article. No buts and no ifs. I had to do it. As I stare in my blank sheet of paper, it’s as if blood pours into it as I continuously think of what to write.

Graycie Harmon was right when she said that “Writers are just people who have a whole lot on the inside that they need to get to the outside, with pen and paper as their preferred method of transport. Same with dancers, artists, and singers - all the same urges with differing transportation.”

Indeed, when I reflect, I realized that there are a lot in me that I want to express out. There are mixtures of little and big ideas inside my brain. And if I just let my inner thoughts and feelings out and pour into the paper, instead of blood, I get the feeling of ease and satisfaction. Because for every written output is well-expressed me, creatively, emphatically, or even logically.

Before, I don’t use these armors but now I’m equipped with these. Yes, I’m talking about the sword and metal shield of writers- pen and paper. With these, I can ignite a simple proposition, not to impress others but to let others know. I can debate without any words utter. I can also reason out why occurrences happen, why she won the lawsuit, or simply why writing changed my life. It was before when I just sit and listen about the details of writing a coherent and well-structured essay. Now, I could bravely face the paper and tell all I want to tell with the right organization of thoughts.

Just as dancers groove into the music, singers pitch high and low notes, and painters draw with brush and paint, writers like us are armored with organized thinking, pen, and paper to convert the ideas into a written language. We have our own craft that manifest who we are, inside and out.

I bet it ends well like a story with happy ending. I’m the soldier and I just traversed the battle of writing world with errors as my enemy, and my guide too. And it is but fitting to thank my co-warriors and my master who accompanied me in my writing journey.

All of these are indelible mark to another humble beginning as a writer in my own right. Like a plant, I already grew with strong stem and sturdy roots. The thing is I need to bear flowers and fruits so that I may continue my writing feat.

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