My Family, Birthdays and the Last Time I Cried

I come from a family of three. I have both my parents alive and they are very loving and supportive. My mum is the most loving and her love to us just like wine has been growing and becoming stronger with time. My dad on the other hands is also loving but not as much as my mum. My two siblings are also very caring and supportive. Just like a rolling stone our support and dedication for one another has never gathered moss. Am a second born and our first born is studying psychology in Canada. My kid sister is still in junior high school and very passionate about law. She intends to study law when she gets to university level. One thing I like about my family is that it is a very close knit in the sense that everyone cares about the other and there is a lot of support. An evidence for this is seen the concern we have for each other particularly on special occasions like when one has a birth day.

My family greatly values birthdays and none of my family member’s birth day goes uncelebrated. Birth days in our home scream with pomp and color. Celebrating birthdays in my family is like a ritual which we are all accustomed to and skipping celebrating ones birthday is like an abomination. Close family friends and relatives are normally invited to come and celebrate with us. At times we use these occasions to catch up with our family friends who live far from us. A birth day celebration provides an atmosphere in which a lot of issues can be discussed for instance individual’s progress in life and what they plan to do in future.


The last time I cried was when I lost sight of my uncle who was very close to me. If death ever knew what he does to our loved ones he would never again take them. By then I didn’t understand death and the sudden demise of my loving uncle almost made me lose my mind. This was one of those uncles who never ever missed attending any of our birthday celebrations. It is always believed that the true defi9nation of a man is to never cry but the circumstances that surrounded his death were mysterious and up to date, it has never been established what exactly necessitated his death. My heart still moans him, may his soul rest in eternal peace.

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