Jun 25, 2018 in Personal

Me With My Brother

People despite being born from the same parents display some differences and some similarities. The research shows that even identical twins exhibit some differences in their character, however small it might be. Differences and similarities is believed to be as a result of genetic make up which drawn from both parents. It therefore follows that one child might have more of mothers or fathers genes. This paper seeks to look at some of the attributes I share with my brother as well as those that we don’t share.

My parents had always told that I shared many traits with my brother ever since I was of tender age. I seemed not to bother a lot until when I grew up to understand how to determine what we shared in common. One of the most fundamental traits that we share in common is being respectful to parents as well as the other people. We believe in according respect and behaving well which has made our parents to have an easier time. We avoid annoying them and obeying what they advise us on. We also share some interest in certain sports which we dearly engage in. football is one of the ball games that we both enjoy watching and playing as well. Whenever there is a football game, it keeps us very much bonded since we also happen to be funs of the same team

Despite these similarities, there are other areas that we don’t share anything in common. One of such areas is the interest we have in various subjects. I love computer skills and business as opposed to my brother who likes mathematics and history. Another area that we are different is that I am an outgoing person who makes friends easily but my brother is a bit reserved and studies people first before he can freely mingle with them. In a nutshell, both of us are respectful and share interest in various sports like football while on the other hand, we  have differences in subject preferences and our outgoing  nature.

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