Career Goals

Career goals are defined as those achievements that an individual hopes to achieve during their working life. They can be achieved in a short span of time or may require a longer time to be achieved. These are necessary to ensure that maximum satisfaction is derived from work and are also catalysts for growth and progress in one’s career. As a student, I have identified my personal career goals to help me achieve happiness and progress when I start working.

Finding satisfaction in my work is one of my most fundamental career goals. I have started working towards this goal by choosing to train in an area which interests. I realize that I will be working for quite a long time and I need to be doing something that I thoroughly enjoy to avoid boredom.


I shall also seek to discover new things and be exposed to new people and cultures during my working life. In realizing that 75% of my life will be spent in my career world, I expect to utilize this opportunity to achieve the above hence advancing my way of thinking as well as my understanding of different things.

A company that provides an enabling environment for me to achieve my goals will make fundamental contribution to my success. Therefore, my goal is to be attached to a stable organization where I shall be assured of my job and thus be able to make efforts towards personal and professional growth and hence company growth.

I intend to utilize my time at work to learn the full requirements of my job and become an expert in my field. I shall welcome the challenges encountered at work to improve my skills and understand the different scopes of my field. I shall later utilize my work experience to explore other income sources such as offering consultancy services for new companies.

I shall also seek to work for a company where my contribution to the company’s growth is noticed and rewarded. Therefore, I shall seek to benefit from my employer in other ways other than my salary. These may include paid holidays, allowances and extra payment for extra working hours.

On gaining more experience, I hope to climb up the career ladder and occupy a managerial position in the company and share my gained experience with new recruits to help them develop and grow. While in this position, I intend to ensure that the company’s resources are utilized to the fullest to ensure maximum gains.

My most important achievement in my career will be setting up my own business to ensure that I do not waste my skills after retirement. This will help me contribute towards job provision and therefore bettering the lives of others. Self-employment will also accord me flexibility in working hours and the freedom to choose the duties to perform and flexible time schedules for these duties.

Technological advancements in communication, transport and education will have effects on my goals. For example, some work assignments might take me away from the country thus separating me from my family and friends. However, the internet has enabled communication between people in different parts of the world. Thus, I will be able to communicate with friends and family through social networking sites. This will ensure that I do not lose possible opportunities to travel, learn new things and experience new cultures.

To climb the career ladder, I will have to get additional educational training since some positions especially managerial will require additional academic requirements. The internet has made it possible to advance in education while working. I intend to utilize e-learning to advance in my education while working. This is flexible since I can learn from whatever part of the world and therefore will be able to work from whatever part of the world.

Technological advancements in transportation will also contribute towards achieving my goals. Adoption of faster modes of transportation such as planes and electric trains will ensure that no time is wasted while performing duties in different places. For instance while performing consultancy services, faster transportation will enable me to access different clients in shorter time and hence make more money. The internet will enhance easy communication between my business and my customers. This will ensure that I am able to understand my customers and therefore meet their needs. Satisfied customers will mean more sales and hence success for my business.

As stated above, I realize that education will play a big role in achieving my career goals. I intend to complete my undergraduate studies in 2012 and enroll for a master’s program as soon as I start working. I also intend to attend various conferences relevant to my field to ensure that I remain up-to-date with the various developments in the same. Research has been known to contribute tremendously to a company’s growth and I will seek to acquire research skills. These will also help me when undertaking my post- doctorate training. I will also adopt the advancements in technology relevant to my field to ensure that services are delivered faster, production costs always remain a minimum and maximum profits are realized.

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