An Important Person in My Life

In life, one is born, grows up and dies. During this transition from birth to death, we have a lot of experiences that build us up, and some of them break us down. All these experiences make us realize that there are really important things in our lives that contribute to our well being and strengthen us even during the most troublesome times we go through in life. There are people we meet or live with that have great impact in our lives. They may be friends or relatives, and they really affect our lives for good.

One such important person and I would say the most important in my life is my mother. I was born in Madrid and we were only two children, my sister and I born of my father and mother. Life was not always as it turned out to be. We had a wonderful family full of love and happiness. It was not until my father begun leaving home and would not return until after several days, and the reason was his business trips.


Our lives changed and things were not as they used to be. The house was only occupied most of the time by me, my sister and our mother. My mother’s name is Maria and she is angelic, kind, loving and hard working. Though our father provided for us, he was never around for us. I was almost forgetting how he looked like.

Finally, at age seventeen, our parents got divorced and things changed for worse. We lost all support from dad and life became difficult. But during this time, my mother never lost the smile on her face. She began doing odd jobs to fend for us. I remember one day I went to sleep late leaving her in the kitchen baking cakes and when I woke up early to prepare for school, I found her still awake and packaging her cakes to distribute to the local snacks-shops and food stores. She did this and though the money was not enough, she managed to continue paying for our education.

I finished high school and was admitted into university. By this time my sister had a boyfriend and she decided to go and stay with him, I remained with mum and she saw me through to university. Not at one moment did I miss studies as this, to her, was the most important thing in life. I remember when things were very tight, I almost gave up studies to join the local gangs but my mother beat the hell out of me.

One day I got so sick and was admitted into hospital for one whole month. My mother cried all through and did everything she could to raise money for the hospital bills and drugs. She did everything in her power to make sure that I had the basic needs. If there was little food in the small house we lived in, she would give it all to me and when I was concerned, she always said that she had been to her friend’s place and had eaten enough. I think she used to lie about it. Mum didn’t give up on my sister too. She always made sure that my sister did not suffer and she always called on her to make sure that she was well.

Now I am grown and studying for my degree like most of the other people who went through life with all support from both parents. I do not feel any different from them. If anything, I know what suffering is and have first hand experience. I know that when I meet someone with the same problem like the one I had, I would definitely give a helping hand. In all this, my mother has stood by me.

By the good God, my mother found a good man and got married. I see her happy now and always thank God for her. Now she is in Madrid but we are always in touch and she still supports me in everything. I am happy for her. I will always be proud of my mother because of what she means to me. May God’s blessings keep her.

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