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Sales Plan

Iota Company Ltd, Illinois USA, associated with renting rooms to anybody who wishes to spend a holiday in Illinois. This company is well known for their good and affordable prices to their clients who include companies, families, and students. Their location it the state of Illinois is well appreciated. It contains high-level staff services. The rooms have a lot of entertainment facilities that will leave every visitor wanting more.

 The company has made room to facilitate business activities like meetings and exhibitions. It has 200 rooms in each of its five branches in Illinois targeting all that needs accommodation in the state. The company has made it easy for revelers as it offers transport facilities to the nearest clubs and even to the airport if requested. The rooms have study rooms and libraries that can help the students in the nearest universities and colleges during their studies. The library is a twenty four-operation library with all kinds of books with skilled librarians that are employed to guide student during their assignments.

Summary of the sales plan

  1. Establishing a Sense of Urgency

The first stage is the examination of the market and the competition that exists. It also involves the discussion of the potential crises and the opportunities that are available if the sales plan succeeds.

  1. Forming a Powerful Guiding Coalition

A group to be in charge of the changes is selected to make sure all is well. At this stage, all the stakeholders of the company are encouraged to participate.

  1. Creating a Vision

A vision is created to give direction during the process, and it accompanied by creating a strategy that will help achieve the vision.

  1. Communicating the Vision

The use good means of communication to lay the strategies and vision of the sales department. Training of the sales people to get acquainted to the new style of sales. Training boosts the morale of the sales people while in the field. Training will also involve other managers of the Company for them to feel the importance of investing in the training especially the finance department.

  1. Empowering Others to Act on the Vision

Eliminating obstacles that would have risen during the process of implementing the sales plan. This can include changing of structures that might be undermining the vision of the sales plan. At this stage, risk taking is encouraged, and creativity is promoted for the success of the plan.

  1. Planning for and Creating Short-Term Wins

There must be visible achievement in the short that will make it possible for others to support the long-term plan. This might include the rewarding of the best group and creating room for improvement among other groups. Changing of the plans if the first one failed can be done at this stage.

Background information

Any company in the world needs a good sales plan for it to be able to meet the much-needed target and expand its market. It guides in identifying problems and opportunities. A good business plan will help in developing the business than solving day-to-day problems. A sales plan will help in managing the business effectively, and a team of sales people and not individuals can achieve it effectively.

Change in any business environment is led by teams or individuals, and for it to be effective it must it should be integrated in every department. There are factors that affect the changes that might be focused by the organization (Wendell & Cecil, 1973). They are complexity of the business, the technical uncertainty that might arise, the capacity change of the organization and the risks that are associated with the change. In every change, whether  slight it is there must be resistance that will arise. The plan to change the sales plan to from individualistic might be opposed by several resistant, but there must a procedure to make sure that all participants are put on board.


As the change in Iota Management Ltd, the company wants to introduce teamwork in the sales department. The plan must be able to meet the target set by the company in renting rooms to student. There are challenges that will arise from all directions especially from the sales people and the management whether it will be effective or not. It is not easy to implement a new plan in many departments, so it is better to include the sales people when drawing this plan for them to understand it and be able to implement it more effectively to yield the needed results.

For better results for Iota Management Ltd, there must be team continuity in the sales team for them to able to reach many students. This avoids contradiction of messages from sales person to a client. It makes the information uniform. Lack of continuity might cause customers receiving different messages of the same product. The sales team must be trained on the importance of teamwork and how to carry it out. Prior to their employment, they had procedures they by their former employees, and the same procedures might not be relevant at Iota Management Ltd. For that reason, they must be trained on how to deal with students since they are the major customers. They must be trained on the product and how they will achieve it as a team and an individual. It is here that every member of the team shall realize how he or she will contribute to the target set. They will develop a common way of interacting and conducting their sales procedures. Lack of sales team is likely to reduce sales of Iota Company Ltd.

Sales plan

Initiating the program

The first step in making any change a company is by having some sort of urgency. Change in a company needs a leader who is able to convince other managers the importance of merging the sales people into one sales team for Iota Company Ltd. It is also advisable to have a new leader who will not think of the Company’s traditional ways of selling. The new managers are able to initiate change than the old managers in the same Company. The sales manager should not worry of the outcome during this first stage because if it fails, it will attract discussions that will be of help to the department and to the company as a whole (Papa, et al.2008). All the concerned members should be informed of the changes that are likely to occur and learn to work as a team to be able to expand the market of the company. Every department is important, as they need to support the changes that occur in the sales department through funding and training.

Creating a powerful team to guide in implementation of the sales plan

Committee must be initiated to guide the activities of the new plans. Managers and some executives should be put on board to make sure everyone understands the importance of sales team. Members of this team should not only be senior members of the company, but even the outsiders to bring fresh minds and tell of their assessment. High sense of urgency among the senior helps in putting the guiding coalition together. It is at this step that the sales manager shares the opportunities that will arise when a sales team is created, its importance, and the challenges it is going to face. The sales people should be briefed on the progress of the plan, and how it will be carried out to benefit both the Company and the individual. To bring these other managers on board is to reduce any opposing force that might arise in the future.

Vision creation

The sales managers should have a vision for the program. This picture will be able to appeal to stake holders on the importance of the using a team and not individuals. This vision must give the direction in which the sales department needs to move according to Bradford and Burke (2005). The plan must be understood very well by the sales people to for it to gain support from the executives. It is the vision that eliminates confusion and incompatibility of a project in a company. The sales department can project the sales that will be met if the teamwork succeeds in the field. The vision should be planted in the minds of sales people for them to be supportive of the issue.


Communication pattern that supports the sales plan should be initiated. The procedures on how sales will be handled, open communication is very essential, as everyone will have to understand the procedure of the sales plans and the much effort needed for its success. This is where training of the sales people starts, and introduces them to the new style of marketing the Iota Company Ltd. Training will bring the sales people together, and the team foreseeing the changes together and seal any loopholes that might arise. The assistance from the sales people will depend on the communication between them and the manager in charge. The guidelines can be from an external expert who can be outsourced to train the team on how to carry out their exercises when renting the rooms to students. The training forms the foundation of the change that is likely to occur at the Iota Company Ltd. Training is likely to eliminate the doubts that exist among the sales persons who believe in individual selling.

Elimination of obstacle

To try and reduce the obstacles that might arise it is better to involve all the stake holders at the first stage so that their doubts are eliminated. Some individuals will be supportive due to good communication since poor communication can lead to uncertainty among the mangers and the stakeholders. This will also involve convincing of all managers that might not need change to come on board and give their views. This will reduce their doubts on the importance of a sales team. Training sales people so that they are able to accommodate people with a different opinion on board because this might affect them in the field. The finance department should be informed on the importance of funding the training to eliminate excuses such as lack of funds to fund the ales plan.

Create a short-term goal

Systematic planning that will have a short-term achievement should be availed. The sales people will be grouped and each group having their own leader. Every team will have to be given a target to meet, and there will be clear outline on bonuses and rewards to motivate every member of the group. The groups will be assigned different colleges and universities each to avoid colliding in the field according to Cheney, Christensen, Zorn, & Ganesh. The more the sales group on the ground the large the market to be created for the Iota Company Limited. The short term will attract more support from the management, and the entire company and this will make the sales people to perform very well.

Creation of sustainable final plan

The sales department will come up the final program that will be implemented after the short-term goals have been met. The long-term goals are written and targets set for the teams in the field. The plan should also include the demands from the sales team for the work to be fluent. Inclusive of the sales team in forming these long-term goals is very much important as they feel as part of the process. The program must be reviewed time to time to counter any objection that might arise. The changes must suit the market dynamics.

Importance of teamwork in sales plan

Teamwork increases productivity attained by an improvement in empathy and constant communication among the team. Every member gets a detailed understanding of his roles, responsibilities and the challenges other sales people face. Members support each other in solving market problems. A group that communicates very well will work more quickly and accurately. A level of uncertainty is reduced when team members act as a group before a client. Teamwork towards a client increases the level of trust in clients that are created by the sales team. Some of major impacts of a team to Iota Company Ltd is for strategic results. A good sales team makes a company retain or expands the market share by persuading the students to use their facilities. Teamwork will reduce time used in convincing the students to use the Iota Company Ltd rooms. The relationship created will last forever than individualistic selling.

A very well organized sales team produces a lot of financial benefits to the company. A united sales team will expand the market hence increasing the income. It reduces selling expenses, as they will crisscross among the students selling the product than the Iota Company Ltd calling every student to market their rooms. It shortens the cycle that might be used to reach the client. Teamwork in this Iota Company Ltd will reduce recruiting and training cost, since the existing team members can train new members. As a team, they sales are likely to be high because of increased morale among the sales people.

Easier adaptability to change among the team members of the Iota Company Ltd. Members of the team will help one another to adjust according to the changes that might arise in company. Morale among the sales team is high when the set target is attained. Elimination of individualism will strengthen the group leading to good performance.

Factors that hinder changes in an organization

In implementing any new strategy in a company, it is likely to face objection from both the management and the concern parties. Every department has a member who is ready to continue with the old system, and they do fear change whether is positive or negative. The different roles played by different members are likely to arise and influence the team spirit. Some department might look at it as an expensive exercise in training the sales team to work together. Convincing of the opposing force to support the program might be very difficult.

 It might take a long time in training the team to work as a group in the field. In many companies, time taken to initiate the program can be very long that it might benefit the company in the short term. It takes time for experts to train sales people who are used in working as an individual. The medium used in training might be difficult for other members to understand and this might take more time than expected.

There great importance of personal relationship between the client who is the student and the sales person and in this cases it is left too general. This affects the bond between the student using the rooms and the company according to Holti, Neumann, & Standing . The world has moved to personalized services to maintain a client in long-term there must be the personal connection that might not arise when a sales force is initiated. There is an increase in technology and people are moving away from physical contact to the internet and other sources of information.

Technology has brought about the customer relationship management technology that is so efficient in marketing and servicing customers. This makes the teamwork to be irrelevant since their duties have been replaced by the existing technology. Some setbacks of teamwork include other members of the team sitting back and waiting results from the active members of the group. This if not taken care of properly can lead to conflicts at the place of work or in the fields. Some potential workers might be left out since they not used to working as a group but individually.

Workers might lack creativity because team members are focused on meeting the goal set as a group without putting their personal ideas on board. Due to lack of innovative thinking, the company might not improve leading to stagnation. The existence of inherent conflicts, it occurs when personal styles clash in the middle of the program as some members will never accept to be corrected or to follow other people’s ideas. Peer pressure might lead to some members being rebel to the group.

How to overcome objection

For the sales department, to overcome the objection they must involve everybody in the process. There must be continuous briefing on the process and the cost should not be so high. The program should be flexible to attend to any existing emergency in the market. Discussions are used by an organization to eliminate uncertainty during the planning. The structures that are not supporting change should be eliminated from the process to make it easy for the new sales strategy to take the course.

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