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Marketing Research Kings Hotel

Hotel management and accommodation services are the key services that can be offered in the service industry. Being a business oriented enterprise; hotel through their management will always want to make much money from the services they render. However, this is not what actually happens considering there is competition from various quarters. Therefore such entities are always left to adapt to the prevailing social, economic and in remote cases political factors. A classic example of such an enterprise is discussed below in King Hotel.


            Krakow is a major tourism and business centre in Poland. Kings Hotel is a leading service industry providing excellent hotelier, accommodation and catering services in Krakow town and the Polish nation as a whole. It is situated on the inner ring road, approximately ten minutes walk from the historic centre of the Polish city of Krakow. It is located next to Wavell castle, the ancient Polish royal palace that also acts as a major source of tourist attraction.


            The hotel is divided into four major groups that enhance its ability to discharge its services effectively. Firstly, it has a three star section on the front part that has a bed capacity of 72. Its rates in as far as this section is concerned is generally user friendly, cost effective and constant all through the year This section accommodates two people per room.. Secondly there is the two-star section on the rear part having a variation in the bed capacity levels. The number of people hosted in these rooms varies from two to four. Their prices are generally lower in fact halving those of the three-star section. The prices charged here are also constant the various high and low seasons of customers notwithstanding.  Thirdly there is an up to standard disco bar occasioned by a street entrance that is infrequently rented out.  Lastly there is a restaurant on the front side of the hotel whose intended purpose is to serve the hotel guests. One fact to note is that all these accommodative price levels are dwarfed by prices set in other hotels with which they are engaged in competition for control of the large tourists and business traveler’s clientele.

Acts adopted to facilitate the hotels’ resurgence

            Promotion has not been well utilized by the hotel and instead more efficient ways such as introduction of multi-language brochures have been adopted. The hotel staff has established and maintained good relations with the tourist office of Krakow city which is tasked with obtaining accommodation for any business travelers or even tourists. The hotel has also adopted advertisement as a major popularity tool. This is evident in the way the hotel makes use of tourist board publications to sell themselves. The hotel also has also acquired a poster site in convenient areas like the airport from where they could easily sell themselves to incoming tourists looking for areas to find accommodation and efficient hotelier services. The hotel has even taken measures to acquaint themselves with the tourist calendar that is seemingly busy during the summer seasons. Business travelers mostly operate without any fixed seasons but largely characterize the other periods apart from summer


            Being a leading service provider, Kings Hotel harbors a goal to be the ultimate best Hotel not only in local jurisdictions city but also in the whole region. This is as a result of increased competition from newly constructed hotels among other socio- economic as well as political factors. In order to meet these standards; the hotel has to pursue rather efficient and effective product oriented approaches. Some of which it has put in place in its renewed efforts to reclaim its stake as a world class hotel in Poland.

Project Rationale

            In terms of age, the King hotel comes second in Krakow. Renewed plans to get it back to the top of the hotel, accommodation and catering game has led to widespread acts of refurbishment. These are the repair and maintenance works that have been put in place to provide more conducive staying conditions for the tourists. They range in nature from painting works (these should create an inviting environment to the customers i.e. tourists. The colors chosen for this activity should be all inclusive, bright enough to create desirable events and should be attractive), furnishing (as pertaining to maintenance levels, comfort of customers are best achieved by use of comfortable and attractive furniture. These comfort demands have to be met alongside improving of bathroom ware services), lighting stems (ventilation and proper lighting systems are key elements that defines a buildings’ worth. Exotic lighting systems such as chandeliers should be installed alongside improving mechanical ventilation systems like for instance use of fans and conditioners.). They also extend into public utilities such as internet systems, installation of direct dial telephone wires among others. The hotel management also came to the conclusion that increased development of the hotel is required so as to propel the hotel into a major city centre measure of standards, if business is ever to be maintained at necessary levels.


            The hotel industry, after all, is a service industry whose major concerns should be giving efficient services to its customers. The customer satisfaction should therefore be their main concern.   As a result the management of the hotel decided to focus its attention to customer profiling among other measures to find the best ways to offer efficient services. Owing to increased competition from other quarters, the hotel needs to take a closer look and obtain their base of visitors. Basically the hotel has decided to check their customer services in that they look at the total number of the tourists who jet into Krakow  and compare it to the number that actually prefer to use their hotel. This calls for intensive and extensive market research to be carried out. Market research has widely been defined as a procedural effort applied in the collection of data on markets, market trends and the customers in general. Market research has its major application in business. The information garnered in the course of conducting a market research forms the basis upon which a business strategy schedule is formulated. Such information includes determining the origin of most of the tourists coming to Krakow. Identification of these origins and backgrounds could help in determining potential tourists and relevant promotions and even in deciding what languages to produce the brochures in. Market research like I said earlier provides bases upon which any business enterprise lays its business and strategic plans. In short market research can be used to collect information on competitors. The success of a business depends on how smart it relates to its competitors. Information such as organizational structure, employee orientation, input and delivery coordination of other companies could be studied by a rival company so as to recognize their weak points. Other information on a competitor that would be of essence include any other business other than the shared one that they could possibly be engaged in, their areas of participation i.e. strongholds, their situation and their methods of business execution. With this data the company can draw comparisons and differences with their competitors. Any competitive advantages over the competitor should be noted and concentrated on while weaknesses should be worked on. Another seemingly interesting objective is the fact that the company needs to assess its market service quality. This involves evaluating of all its employees in relation to how they execute their jobs in as far as the tourists are concerned. Poor job services is a serious business vice that if not addressed quite early enough would manifest itself into loss on the part o f the company.


            Every organization that sets its business objectives definitely has relevant answers to them. In this case for instance we want to look at the methods that can be used to obtain he set objectives. Majorly, these objectives can be realized through carrying out a marketing research. Market research should not be confused with marketing research. This is because while the former concerned specifically with the market, the latter involves more activities and its application generally suits various parts andcover a wider range of activities. The process acts to connect the customers to the consumers and the public. The agency chosen for the research must have the requisite experience in the hospitality industry. Since the target group here is non users who could be convinced easily, the methodology has to be of a justifiable nature. That calls for experience on the part of those conducting he research. There exist two major classes of information from which the information can be obtained. The primary sources of information and the secondary sources of information. Various methods could also be applied in the research process. These methods could be listed as either primary sources or secondary sources. They include questionnaires (the actual asking of questions about possible ways to improve the hotels services), use of focus groups (a group of about 6 to 10 members whose ideas on the methods of services can be sought), use of comment cards, news from competitors, use of mailing systems telephone, employees (they are the ones who interact with the tourists mostly) and use of documented evidence (like for instance book sources). Certain extreme cases, the hotel would have to do something like enabling access into their hotel records for tourists to see maybe in their websites and could also give some to the members’ information service Krakow tourist office


            This is one of the difficult steps to deal with. The proposal should work within a set budget like in the case of King Hotel the budget was scheduled to be 30000euros. The whole process of refurbishing to gathering of information would use this cash. This finance schedule could be represented in a table as shown below

Description of activity

  Total investment

Individual Contribution

Other sources



Conducting research

Working capital (payable to labor supplied at all levels)



30000 Euros (must not exceed this amount)

            As shown from the table various amounts of cash will be used for different purposes in the attainment of the new look hotel and all these can be transparently documented in a table. These sums up to 30000Euros which is the maximum amount of money they would have to send. However, projection about the future and the possibility of a return on the money spent within a given time frame should be considered. This should mean that the hotel will certainly record high revenues as a result of high profit levels.


            With this kind of proposal King Hotel can easily obtain efficient standards that can lead to its rise in the hotelier business. Every element that has been described above contributes in one way or another in the attainment of the objectives of the proposal.

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