Marketing and Sales

Discussion question 1

Marketing is defined as the process of making potential buyers interested in your products and services.

Sales is defined as the process of converting an inquiry into a contract or shipment.

The difference between marketing and sales is that while marketing involves everything done to reach and persuade prospects, sales involves all the processes done to close the sale and get a signed agreement otherwise known as the contract.


Advantages associated with combining the two; sales and marketing are many and they include: by strategically combining both efforts the organization will experience a successful amount of business growth as both are necessities to the success of the organization. Also the chasm of disconnect between the two is narrowed.

Draw back is that while both share the same functionality, they still have different aspects like compensation and motivation that are very different from each other and thus should be treated as such.

If marketing reports to the sales department, then there is the expectation that marketing is a support function and as such the organization will get a breakfast and brochures marketer. Also, if sales reports into the marketing the expectation will be that the sales guys are meant to take brochures. For that reason I believe that the two departments should be very separate.

Discussion question 2

In this case I will use Wal-Mart’s marketing mix, the publicly owned multinational company.

The company hosts almost all Products and a huge facility of online shopping. This is a very reliable and warranted system that provides customers with purchasing any type of goods either through the stores or online.

An exhibitor with a huge network, Wal-Mart is liked all over the world because of its discounted price. Customers are provided with low rates unlike other places.

Wal-Mart places are huge distinct network of apparel stores that are strategically placed and easily recognisable by customers.

Wal-Mart has a thing with promotion; they place their shipment online to the desired place, their website works well while their database is easily reachable by customers.   

Wal-Mart is always in the process of reviewing its marketing mix in an effort aimed at to buy more from their stores. They hire consultants to advise them accordingly. 

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