Jun 25, 2018 in Marketing

Introduction to Green Marketing

 Green marketing is known to be the fulfillment of buyer’s requirements, wishes, and aspiration in juxtaposition with the protection and maintenance of natural surroundings. Green marketing includes an extensive variety of actions. They may include; adjustment of a product, alternation of the production process, how their products are packed changes, and even advancing in the way they advertise their products. Green marketing can also be referred to as ecological marketing or environmental marking. All these three are elements of the new marketing approaches which do not only change, alter or improve the already marketing ideas and practice, but look for confront to those approaches and give a considerably view.

The principles of green marketing are; a person must be convincing. Being trustworthy is very important for a successful green marketing. One has to put into practice sustainable commerce practices before he promote green item for consumption and services or  people will see as if he is taking advantage of ecological concerns. Here, the company producing these products should have the experience of making these green products before he promotes them to his customers. This is because the customers must have trust in them that their products are good. This principle is used by the companies while they are manufacturing the product, and they use this principle to the consumers so that they can show them that they are reliable.

 One should make exact claims of a product. The community is very aware of the expenses and complexity in manufacturing a product or a service to make it completely green. The company should tell the consumers about the exacting attributes that are fixed in sustaining the green products. This principle is used to the consumers. It is well known to them that producing this green product is not an easy task, so if they are told this product cost a certain amount of money they should agree with the companies because it has cost them a lot, and should buy at the price they are selling it.

Unite with the consumers. Use any channels to relate with your consumers in increasing, and running your green products and services. This is because the green customers have a common tendency to connect, relate with, and even help industries that are making convincing efforts to run with sustainable commerce practices and tender green products and services. If the industries have a good relation with the consumers, it is very good.  The consumers may be having some new ideas which may help the company in producing the green products and services. This principle is used by the company to its consumers because they might be of help. 

Relate with the stakeholders. Keep in touch with other stakeholders either internally or externally. Talk with them about your green marketing. Whether, your green products are needed, and useful to the suppliers, NGOs, employees, your consumers, and society at large.  Collect information from all whether your product is good or not good. This principle is used by the producers to their customers so that they can know how their produce is doing in the market.

Plan on going ahead, and not looking back. The company should highlight in its green marketing that is going green in its commerce. The industry or company should recognize areas that are environmentally improper, entrust to improve these areas, and get information from consumers and the community at large because they may get some information from them which might help on the green planning. This principle is used by the company when they want to go ahead, and look for other areas which might be of help to the in the production of green products from the community which might know the area very well than them.

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