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Finding our Customers

The work seeks to develop a proper marketing plan for the CTI and the Satcom Resources Telecommunication Companies. CTI is based in the Burr Ridge city while Satcom Resources is based in Avon city. Both companies were founded in the year 2000. A ranking done among the telecommunication companies in the year 2007 ranked Satcom 49th while CTI was ranked 48th. The two companies both contribute enormously to revenues in their various countries of operation. Irrespective of such contributions, the companies must seek for ways to strategically position their products in order to remain competitive in the market. During the study, CTI was growing at the rate of 310.6 percent while Satcom Resources was growing at 306.3 percent.

Products and targeted markets

Satcom Company supplies satellites parts and equipment and satellite based communication networks in the U.S military and business. Satcom resources deals in accessories, antennas, amplifiers, converters, network managements, Receivers, Satellite Modems and other products. CTI deals in WiMax Internet and other wireless equipments. The company has specifically received its growth from the growth in demand for WiMax in the Rural U.S. CTI Convergence Technologies Incorporated provides Ip pay credit card processing, digital voice, broadband and network services, and hardware infrastructure and resources. However, this paper will narrow down to two specific products, one from each company.

VoIP Solutions by CTI: as a strategy to improve its products, CTI joined together with the NetSapiens in distribution and business development. CTI therefore began offering the NeSapiens SNAP solution as part of its solution set for the Wireless ISP (WISP) and Rural Telco market. Their targets were the new existing service providers especially those who want to VoIP to their service offerings. CTI packaged its new SNAPiq Starter Pack with a full featured NetSapiens applications platform and two days of training that will give service providers all the necessary tools to begin VoIP development. The industry explained that this was the response to the new paradigm for broadband which calls for value added bundled service offerings. So NetSapiens provided a solution that was easy to implement to be used in delivering VoIP.

Satcom came up with model ATX-300 antenna tracking controller which is a user friendly microprocessor-based intelligence positioning system. The model allows incline orbits satellites to be tracked and used as a positioned for geosynchronous satellites. It has memories for up to 99 satellites. The model came with new features such as single point calibration for fast set up, peaking and history track algorithms. It has tighter peaks, less loss, improved performance, full remote control, foul weather road. Satcom Resources provides satellite communications equipment to satellite communications companies and government entities. Satcom Resource Companies targets Military organizations, Fortune 100 companies, and Emergency response teams.

 Product positioning strategy

As a positioning strategy, CTI enables wireless broadband by providing wholesale infrastructure connectivity solutions for network operators in rural and underserved niche markets. Other, than just product, CTI, solutions incorporated many other customer beneficial services. The combination of technical product and solution expertise, logistics delivery services, financing packages and dedicated customer service that enable the success of CTI in today’s competitive broadband environment. The company’s strategy to provide financing for its customers both for ISP and the rural Telco has increased its competitiveness in the market. The customers are able to pay back the money in monthly installments.

CTI also offers logistical support to its larger clients. CTI gives special attention to those who order big antennas in large numbers. CTI therefore assist their customers from incurring additional expense on warehouse services. The company also organizes road shows and educational seminars free of charge all over the United States to advertise these products. CTI also ensures that their customers receive quick response and relevant information such as the availability of the product. The company also aims to develop a customer’s relationship that last.

Satcom Resources has put strategies in place to remain as the world‘s leading Global supplier of satellite communications, equipment and satellite based communication network solutions. The company relationship strategy is aimed at developing a strong relationship with the world’s leading manufacturers to allow their customers access to the latest most popular and hard to find available products. Satcom Resources offers expert advice to its customers worldwide. The company has also established online Help Center to increase their accessibility by the customers. The online services make it easy for their customers to find policy and procedures which are useful to them.  The company has also put measures in place to ensure that it delivers on quality.

Satcom sells both single parts and components allowing its customers to buy in smaller quantities. The company also provides engineering, integration, installation and other forms of support to complete turn key sitcom solutions. The company deliver accurate and on schedule with a high level of professionalism. The company has developed as their strategy, a quick response to issues raised by the customers.

It is therefore clear that both the two companies have employed segmentation strategies to competently address the need of each segment. Satcom sells single parts to their small customers and whole products to the larger customers. This kind of segmentation will likely continue for the two companies because of the need to address the variation in the income levels of its customers.

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