Pushkin’s Poem “Ia Vas Liubyl”

The literary heritage of Alexander Pushkin is of paramount importance for both the Russian literature and the worldwide art community. Pushkin is honored as the father of modern Russian literature, “a national hero and a universal genius”. Read more >>

The Execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as Atomic Spies

The case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg has become one of the most controversial issues referring to espionage during the Cold War. After being sentenced to death in 1951, this couple became the center of national and worldwide attention. Read more >>

Thomas Nagel's Analysis

In the book, "What Does It All Mean?" Thomas Nagel discusses the standard issue in the humans' lives that people use subjectivity to define them. He analyses these commonly held beliefs by use of both subjectivity and objectivity so as to determine the reality behinds them. Read more >>

Conrad's Heart

World literature never fails to fascinate the readers with the acuteness of its reaction to the contemporary social, political, and economic issues. Read more >>