Convention against Torture

Hunsinger (2009) affirms that The Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment is a universal human rights tool whose main objective is deterrence of torture around the whole world. Under the Convention, the United Nations obliges all member states to take efficient measures within their territories to prevent torture. Additionally, the Convention forbids members states against deportation of people to their home countries incase of any reason that suggests their being tortured.

The convention can be applied to many contemporary conflicts but of particular interest is the fight against terrorism. United States of has extended its war against terrorism leading conflicts with other countries like Iraq and other nations especially Arab. There are very many accusations of torture and excessive use of energy by U.S soldiers (Hunsinger 2009). United States is one of the earliest countries to sign it on 18th April, 1988 and later ratification on 21st Oct, 1994, having demonstrated a good sign towards respecting human rights the country should therefore adhere to the convention.


The situation is even worse at Guantanamo Bay where the terror suspects are detained. They get subjected to severe torture by the U.S captors. Torture has never been any effective in resolving any conflict and even if it were, some of those being subjected are very innocent of the alleged crimes (Hagan, Ferrales & Jasso, 2009). The prisoners get subjected to very unnecessary and cruel treatment such as being forced to kneel cruciform in hot sun to a point of collapsing or even being tied on poles and get fired at with rubber bullets. This is evident by the detainee’s rates of attempted suicides and mental illnesses. The signing of the convention is sound enough to allow U.S stop torture against humanity.

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