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The effects of fast food on US citizens

Fast foods like McDonald and hamburger are the most common fast food type that is known worldwide as from the beginning and introduction of fast foods in America. These fast foods have become America’s staple food since 18000s up to date. The hamburger is a name given to a meal that was introduced in Hamburg from Russian food. These fast foods have become more familiar because they were introduced in America by other white countries that made these foods more. Fast foods are best known it today as a result of an evolutionary process in our eating habits as a species. Since history, people would rely on hunters and gatherers who would hunt animals and prepare them for a meal. These hunters or gatherers would go into the forest to hunt wild animals that would be eaten as a family. As years went by, these hunters and gatherers improved their technique of obtaining food, by finding their way into the world market, for example from shops and supermarkets to get food for their family. Even people in America still prepare the meat as a meal; they get them from the supermarkets or butchers, and not from the forest. Due this demand, these foods began to be preserved in fridges for longer periods or even through the use of salt. Due to modern demands of foods like meat, there came modern ways of food preservation that led to the emergence of these fast foods that can be preserved. Due to the limited access to the forests, modern ways of getting food were evolved, which contributed to use of fast foods. This has entered into business saving a lot of time and money in preparing food.

In these current days, most of the USA people prefer eating fast foods to other forms of foods. This has made children mature faster and as if they are just children. About half of the percentage of the American adults feed on fast foods daily. Due to this, there are various groups of people within the USA community that have come up with projects, for example community task force project to create and awareness of the implications of having fast food restaurants in a community. This has made more researchers to conduct various researches on different aspects of fast food within USA and its neighboring countries. According to the studies conducted, there have been a number of negatives surrounding the fast food industry, fast food restaurants and also chains despite the benefits these foods have towards the community.


All over the world, America is one of the fastest growing countries due its stable economy and industrialization. This idea of industrialization had made the American people begin using fast foods. These provisions have increased the levels of obesity and other effects. Putting aside smoking, obesity has become one of the biggest and strongest killers. In past eyes, a number of people have suffered from obesity up to the current days, which has clearly indicated how America has become more obese all of the time. Obesity prevalence increased in the USA to an extent of crossing its borders to other countries bordering USA. This effect is widely spreading due to the use of fast foods. These foods have found their ways to learning institutions like schools, colleges and campuses in America In almost all the school, colleges and universities, there are a number of vending machines that are filled with pop and snacks. These kinds of foods have a large or high concentration of fat and sugar that are harmful to human body, or may even cause obesity. These foods are basically fast foods because of the schools in America do prefer all over they are. These kinds of foods can be consumed directly through home preparation of the foods of indirectly, whereby someone can go and purchase these foods like bread and consume it. This indirect consumption is commonly seen in young adults who like buying foods from shops or supermarkets. Most of these youths like these fast growing foods they are found within their school premises, and they are also sweet and also, they are easily found.

Fast foods have gone to the extent of spreading to hospitals. In these hospitals, most of the drugs given to patients do contain fast food that might have adverse effects to the patient or even the doctors and the nurses. These products can make the patient’s health worsen. Medically, there are some drugs that do not require any other combination. This combination with fast foods may cause death to the patient of make them have more weight than required. Basically, fast foods have impacted negatively on media about obesity, in the sense that, most of the companies that produce fast foods usually advertise their products by exaggerating the qualities of the products. It so painful that most of the target population of these foods is more on children because most of the children like eating sweet foods that contain a lot of sugars and fats. Because most children like watching television, they will be attracted to for and purchase these foods. Because of these fast food ads, children begin to set their unhealthy eating habits for life. In America, obesity can affect someone in different ways. It can affect someone’s body and health, or it might have direct effects on the nation by altering the country’s economy. Obesity can impact negatively on the human body by causing abnormal weight gain. It can also increase cholesterol levels in the body. This increase can impose a risk on human heart whereby, someone can be at risk heart diseases. Eating these foods can increase chances of someone being affected by diabetes and other diseases that are brought by high sugar levels in the body.

Obesity can negatively affect the country’s economy. This is a severe condition that requires attention from the government and relevant ministries and departments, for example, department of health and sanitation. It can cause the economy of a country to collapse if not taken into consideration because this disease will need a tremendous amount of money to prevent and control it. According to studies conducted by scientists in USA, a number of people are affected by obesity which seriously affected the economy of the country and the world at large. These people require proper medication and care to prevent it. This disease is increasingly becoming a problem because fast foods are still being produced at a high rate in America, making it difficult to fight and prevent obesity. Proper education should be given to everybody including the children so as to reduce the adverse effects. As compared to other diseases in USA like HIV and AIDS, obesity has become a major problem. Those people who prefer to take their meals in fast food restaurants will continue to grow abnormally due to the kind of chemicals he or she is putting into his or her body. Because of the working condition of some people, for example, there are those people who have two different types of jobs, find it difficult to prepare food, and therefore prefer fast foods. These people later on become severely affected by diseases brought by the fast foods to the point of death. Consumption of these foods may cause death or even my cause lifetime diseases like diabetes.

All these factors do contribute largely to obesity. Proper food surveillance should be done. Even though the government supports fast foods, the people should work hand in hand with the relevant stakeholders to fight spread of fast foods all over the country. The people of USA and its neighbours should also help the surveillance companies to assess the kinds of foods that are brought within the country, and how those foods should spread and reach the people. There should be proper equipment that should be used to assess the chemical contents in these fast foods, so as to reduce obesity. Also, there should be skilled and qualified personnel to examine these foods. Most of these qualified people are so corrupt to the extent of allowing harmful and dangerous foods to get their way into the USA market, and also all over the world. Anti-corruption programs should be introduced in the country so as to arrest those people who receive bribes to endanger human life. To add on that, the people must be trained and be taught on how to select and differentiate these fast foods from other foods. This will help reduce the levels of obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. This should also be introduced in schools, colleges and universities as a full course so as to mitigate these negative effects.

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