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Test Questions

Give an example of a relational crime and how you think American society can best deal with this behavior

Crime remains one of the most challenging vice not just on the difficulty to solve it but also on the diversity of tis manifestation. Domestic crime can be categorized under relational crime where related persons subject may assault one another. According to Flowers (2003), domestic crime is one which occurs between intimate persons such as spouse who are in relations. Sometimes, domestic violence can be perpetrated by exanimates.  Regardless, of the perpetrator, this violence is disturbing giving that it can be waged in different fronts using sexual, physical and even psychological attacks.

The effects of domestic violence require the attention of the society since this vice cannot be regarded as a family issue just for the sake (Duncan, 2007). In resolving domestic violence, it is needful for the perpetrators to be taken through social programs that will help them manage anger and domestic issues that may be the root of violence. Such training will be essential in promoting nonviolent forms of addressing family challenges.

Women in theft cases

Women are known to take part in crime just like men. In the United States, there are countless cases where women have been involved in crimes such as theft. Archibold (2005) reported that a woman who had stolen an armored vehicle surrendered to a Federal court after been on the run for one year. Heather C. Tallchie who was promptly arrested took her defense that she was not a criminal. Instead, she claimed that she had been brainwashed by her accomplice who allegedly used her position as a driver to steal the armored vehicle (Archibold, 2005).  Such a theft is one among the many that women take part in across the United States.

Alternative to prisons

The role of prisons in dealing with crime cannot be underestimated. For a long time, prisons have been used to deal with crime of different kind (Edgar and Newell, 2006). Needless to say, there are other alternatives such as community based initiatives. The community can play a critical role in reducing the rate of crime if member of a given locality can work together in addressing the causal factors of crime. In my opinion, criminal can be placed under the community where they can serves in various roles while at the same time learning of the mistakes. Unlike prisons, these criminals will have the opportunity to socialize and realize that crime is costly.

Pattern of criminal behavior

Addressing crime is a process whose success depends on a number of factors. I feel that there is need for more access to capture and store information about persons in different institutions. Criminal behavior can be drawn from pattern is only data is present and this underscores my suggestion. While, this may be the case, sensitive data that may infringe individual rights may not be stored. This way, I am confident that the society will be cushioned against the numerous effects of crime. As confirmed by Regoli, Hewitt, & DeLisi (2009, p.40), “comprehensive data” is a necessary element that can help curb crime in the society.   

Reactive Attachment Disorder

While considered a medical disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder has been observed in children as young as 3 years. Reactive Attachment Disorder is one of the recognized forms of attachment disorder which affects children who receive pathological care before they attain the age of five (Tyrer & Silk, 2008). This disorder is associated with disruptive attachment that may lead to insecurity and isolation of children. Given that such children may resolve to criminal tendencies as they grow, it is important that children with Reactive Attachment Disorder be treated through therapies (Prior & Glaser, 2006).

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