The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The book under consideration is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is a detective novel, the first book of the trilogy "Millennium" written by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson. The trilogy was the publishing sensation in the world. More than ten million copies had been sold even before it was translated into nearly 40 languages,  The novel was awarded a lot of prizes. The whole trilogy left a deep impression on me. Such books appear very rarely. Non-standard characters, stunning Sweden, gloomy atmosphere.

Larsson tells his story to the reader very slowly, creating the effect of full immersion into the story with the help of the smallest details. It is the story of a wealthy businessman Henrik Vanger who hires a journalist Mikael Blomkvist to investigate the old secret of his family. Henrik Vanger wants him to solve the riddle about his niece, who disappeared without a trace 30 years ago. Michael became famous after his unsuccessful article about a businessman where the journalist accused him of fraud. Michael was accused of slander, the court held, and he was found guilty. Before to hire Mikael Henrik, Vanger ordered him to file a private detective agency. This task was performed by incredibly capable in private investigation girl Lisbeth Salander, a rebel personality. So it happenned that they met and made a mad tandem that did not only solve the old riddle, but found answers to a chain of cruel serial murders of women.


All the characters are created with such accuracy that it seems you see them all the time, you are near them. Almost all the characters are ordinary people. From the first moment I felt in sympathy with Lisbeth Salander. There are no such people in everyday life. Her way of thinking, beauty, love for alcohol and cigarettes – she is not adequate person who did not even hear about the social norms. I am sure if to look into her eyes, it is possible to see how the demons are dancing in the pupils.She can easily sleep like a man and a woman. She makes people be angry by her reticences. For all their secrecy and mistrust of the human race in general, she shows capability to love, and it scares her. I liked how Larsson describes her. Lisbeth Salander copes with all obstacles, she is not in the habit of feeling sorry for yourself. Lisbeth Salander did not know what compassion is, but she acted skillfully analyzing her strengths and weaknesses. "Seven minutes of another person's company was enough to give her a headache so she set things up to live as a recluse".  Unfortunately, I know exactly that if I met her in real life, I would definitely condemn her for an asocial eccentric look, and this thought makes me feel as if I am the same as other people around me. Sure, Stieg Larsson maked me look at anti-social people from a different point of view. 

For some people, this novel may seem cruel, even the original name Men Who Hate Women says that the detective does not contain pleasant fiction. There are a lot of violence and murder. The great advantage of the novel is the fact that out of the book you can learn about the lifestyle of the Swedes and their mentality. What is more, he opened to me Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The unexpected ending is one of the main advantages of the book. We are constantly kept on our toes. It is interesting to read, it is interesting to unravel the mystery along with the characters. It seems that such a work had to be very carefully planned and dealt with. I admire the talent of Stieg Larsson. To clearly know the localit, weapons, the subtleties of the underworld, economics and politics - only mature, experienced person is able to orientate in the history and culture of Sweden so well. This country attracts me so much. I would like to see it, because I am curious to read the street names, their description, to learn peculiarities of weather and Swedish lifestyle. The atmosphere of the book is excellent - all the characters, and their passions, and the place where everything happens.

In conclusion, I would like to say that firstly it seemed boring, but then it fascinated me by this interesting and just insanely intriguing plot. I advise everyone to get acquainted with it because it is really an excellent example of modern detective novels.

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