Why Vaccines are not Healthy for You

Debate on vaccines is a topic of converse in our modern society. Even though vaccinations carry a serious health risk, the medical benefits they offer have led the... Read more >>

Depression in Children

The research applies the term “depression” to unipolar mood disorders, or major depressive disorder (Rao & Chen, 2009). Before 1975, depression in children was not recognized as a separate phenomenon due to young individuals’ immaturity for such a disorder. Read more >>

Eugenics in Jonathan Marks’ Human Biodiversity

As its aim, eugenics had a high mission of making humankind better off by cherry picking from the gene pool of the best and worthiest people. Based on Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, eugenics was initiated by the English anthropologist Francis Galton... Read more >>


The development of photography is a great example of human desire to evolve, experiment, and keep memorable moments for posterity. Photos clearly reflect the development of mankind and the main areas of people’s life. Read more >>


Similar to other organized crime organizations, Chinese organized crime groups have evolved under the influence of the number of social, economic, and legal conditions. At the same time, Chinese organized crime has its peculiarities. Read more >>

Correctional Programs

The modern criminal justice system faces numerous challenges associated with the dynamic nature of the global environment. Read more >>