Renaissance Art

Fra Carnevale made the painting “The birth of the virgin” in 1467 at Urbino from an altarpiece of the church of Santa Maria Della Bella. The artist displays the birth of Madonna in contemporary terms after which the baby is bathed by midwives. At the forefront, women greet each other. Read more >>

The Bedouin Settlements

Bedouin settlements refer to the nomadic communities that used to live in Syrian deserts from as early as 13th century. The Bedouin tribes can presently be found in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel (Ibn, Cole & Altorki, and Franz, Shryock). In some countries like Israel... Read more >>

The Historical Evolution of Psychology: A Framework for the Future

At the beginning of the 20th century, psychology underwent several profound shifts. The purpose of the present work is to highlight the historical milestones in the evolution of behaviorism, psychoanalysis, and humanistic/transpersonal/existential (HTE) psychology. Read more >>

What was the Relationship Between “Warrior Japan” and “Zen Buddhism”

Zen Buddhism was one the most popular schools in Japan among the other directions of Buddhism. The peculiarity of this doctrine is the strengthening of the role of meditation and other ways to achieve the peace of mind. The ideas of the particular teaching were used by shoguns to train Japanese warriors. Read more >>

Bushido Code

One of the principles of education of warriors was a specific philosophy of the samurai called Bushido. Bushido was initially interpreted as "the way of horse and.... Read more >>

How Ballistics Solved a Crime

It is hard to deny the importance of forensic science in criminal investigations, because it provides critical evidence for criminal cases solving. One of the branches.... Read more >>