Bushido Code

One of the principles of education of warriors was a specific philosophy of the samurai called Bushido. Bushido was initially interpreted as "the way of horse and.... Read more >>


Since the colonial period, the United States has struggled to cope with the impacts and laws of immigration. There has been controversial legislation which have..... Read more >>


Similar to other organized crime organizations, Chinese organized crime groups have evolved under the influence of the number of social, economic, and legal conditions. At the same time, Chinese organized crime has its peculiarities. Read more >>

Drug Treatment

Drug-related prisoners make up the largest group of inmates in the United States criminal justice system at a staggering 46.4 % (Offenses). Read more >>

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is one of the most significant aspects of any successful business, because it ensures that customer satisfaction is met by a company. A firm cannot survive without a proper supply chain management even if the products produced are of a very high quality. Read more >>