The effects of fast food on US citizens

Fast foods like McDonald and hamburger are the most common fast food type that is known worldwide as from the beginning and introduction of fast foods in America. These fast foods have become... Read more >>

The Modernism Philosophy in ‘The Big Sleep’

The novel, ‘The Big Sleep’, was written back in the year 1939 by Raymond Chandler. The piece has been termed as a hard boiled crime novel whereby several instances of crime have been presented... Read more >>

The Significance of Marriage in Chinese History

Marriage is a contentious subject in the present day society, and this has mostly been attributed to the feminist movements along with modernization and materialism among other things... Read more >>

U.S. Presidential Candidate: Hillary Clinton

The former first lady and the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running for president for the second time seeking to defend middle-class Americans and realize all the set goals in the shortest possible terms. In 2012, she lost the Democratic fight... Read more >>


Diabetes has a global character of influencing the performance of people all over the world. It is a life-threatening disease, which affects individual’s productivity and ability to perform with the same intensity with other people. Diabetes became one of the major threats to the lifespan... Read more >>

Renaissance Art

Fra Carnevale made the painting “The birth of the virgin” in 1467 at Urbino from an altarpiece of the church of Santa Maria Della Bella. The artist displays the birth of Madonna in contemporary terms after which the baby is bathed by midwives. At the forefront, women greet each other. Read more >>