Parallels of Grief and Loss- Related to Prescription Drug Addiction


Drug Treatment

Drug-related prisoners make up the largest group of inmates in the United States criminal justice system at a staggering 46.4 % (Offenses). Read more >>

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is one of the most significant aspects of any successful business, because it ensures that customer satisfaction is met by a company. A firm cannot survive without a proper supply chain management even if the products produced are of a very high quality. Read more >>

Foreign Direct Investments and Trade Policy in India

India is a country that embraces foreign direct investments through trade policy. The issue of trade relations between the UAE and India is explicated through a series of topics, which border on the business environment, trade policies and agreements, recommendations and impacts of foreign direct investment. Read more >>

Gender And Women's Lives Across A Range Of Cultures Throughout The World

Cultures throughout the world differ and the same is applicable to gender. Women lack mens strength. In their turn, men cannot give birth to a child as women can. There is nothing wrong with such composition if each part has equal rights and feels no disparity. Read more >>

The Effects of Drugs on a Baby

Many women in the USA use drugs during the pregnancy period. They use the preparations that cause mental and physical deviations of babies and can have a negative impact on children's life. The consumption of illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine and amphetamine causes the same negative effects to a fetus as the use of legal goods like alcohol and cigarettes does. Read more >>