Jun 25, 2018 in Technology

Engineering Career

Career mentoring is looked at to be a programme in higher institutions of learning. I have just met Engineer Kogo, a man who has been in the field of engineering for 30 years now. I learnt that no one can have a monopoly of knowledge. Eng. Kogo has always appreciated all people in the field of engineering. He advised me to appreciate technology because it is a continuation of what can create development. “A humble beginning will always lead you to places.” Kogo told me. “I started developing interest in engineering back at 7.” The 77 year old man adds. All careers are important but passion and proper mentoring guides one into proper careers.

Kogo is a mechanical engineer who works with the Assembling Engineers Board as a director. He loves challenges! I mark him saying that the field always comes with new technology each new day. The people coming up in the same field always have something new that they have added from the people they have listened to and what they have both read and tried in the labs and the outside world.

The issues of water harvesting is a widely spoken of idea and it can be looked at as a contemporary issue. With the current population rise rate, rain harvesting is very necessary. The rain harvesting will be very important to help when drought arise. With proper engineering techniques, harvested rain water must be of very great significance in times of low rain or no rain at all. This will boost the rain fed agriculture and improve the food production. An healthy citizen is well fed with water.

Local water companies can reduce water wastage by several ways but the most important are moving peak time to off peak. This is done by letting people use water when almost everyone is at work or some other places in the fields. This brings balance of water pressure. Close monitoring of how water is used can also help in proper usage.

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