Jun 25, 2018 in Technology


Software patches and service packs are software updates designed by software publishers to update their softwares’ security and to fix bugs. The main difference between the two is that packs are strategic deliveries, meaning they are carefully planned and managed to deliver a well-tested set of fixes suitable for use in any customer’s system while software patches are only developed on the as-needed-basis to combat immediate, specific threats to security. Every service pack does not only address security bugs, but also those affecting performance, stability, performance of product features and others. On the other hand, a patch is usually tightly focused on only one issue.

Service packs and software patches are usually free. They are simply distributed over the Internet and they can automatically install themselves (Parsons & Oja 2009). Document production software assists the user with designing, composing, editing, printing and publishing documents electronically. The most popular types are discussed below:

Word processing software offers the user the ability to create a document, spell check, edit and format it on the screen before committing it to paper. Examples of such software are Open Office Writer and Microsoft Word. Desktop publishing software assists the user in using graphic design techniques in order to enhance the appearance and the format of the document. Examples are QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher which offer many page design and layout features to help the user produce professional-quality output for newsletters, brochures newspapers and books.

Web authoring software helps users in designing and developing customized web pages that can be published electronically on the internet. Web authoring software products like KompoZer and Adobe Dreamweaver help web authors by providing tools that are easy to use for composing text for a web page, assemble graphical elements and automatically generate HTML tags.

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