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Engineering and Technology

This paper is about engineering and technology dealing particularly with intelligence. My area of focus is the use of computers in the modern day technology. Computers have evolved severally in different ways. Compare the first computer to be invented. It used to be as big as factory machines used in the processing of goods. Today, the computer has evolved to desk tops, lap tops palm tops etc, what is next is not yet known. Maybe the one to be invented will be very small. Take for example, the phones of today. They exist in varying sizes (Goldberg, 2000)

 If the today’s technology is adopted, then they will provide extraordinary advantages such as in the transport system to provide safety for both people and assets. Today, one can have which half the size is of his or her hand. This makes it more portable, efficient and effective. This leads us to an era called an intelligence era (Goldberg, 2000)

The Graphical User Interface has made the computers to be widely used today. Complicated cordinations and processes have become so easy by just a click. Consider the car phones that depends on devices that cordinates to verbal words. By just speaking, the phone just picks the words and translates them appropriately. The wireless mobile money transfer has made the transactions easier and efficient. People can therefore transfer money from one country to another thus the unnecessary delays are eliminated. It is due to technologies that life has been made better through efficiency, reliability and safe therefore quality life (Noor, 2010).

Another example where computer and technology is applicable is the communication between people and robots, wearable computers making human beings to beware of their environments. A person may use the robots to carry out an activity in the factory.

Technologies therefore offer efficient ways for human beings to manipulate computers, systems and devices for both works and games giving it an accelerating pace of development. Take an example, a man using both voice information and gestures with a robot to relay information to a robot which depends on the vision systems, scene interpreting navigation, knowledge capability and activity recognition to carry out the instructions of the person and the work assigned. This has increased the move at which the technology has advanced in translating the information to the world (Noor, 2010).

Let me discuss in details the human and technology interactions which uses interface to communicate between or among the robots. Interface is simply a link between systems or devices and people thereby facilitating understanding. It changes the digital signals radiations that cannot be seen into medium that can be interpreted into human senses hence facilitating system to system contact which later decrease the mental load on the client. This has led a more advanced and ordinary interfaces which has increased of interaction which resembles human movement, vision, voice and gestures .Later    on there will be an improved merge of the human body and electronic devices leading to emergence of organic user interfaces on the clients’ skins, biometric sensors and finally brain machine interfaces which connects directly with the brain.

The technology to come will therefore ensure dependable way of relaying information any place, whichever time and with anybody-enabling faultless knowledge from device to device and seen environment which will enhance connectivity among devices working all together. The continual use of infrared, ultra sound sensors and miniature cameras will always expose devices at all levels. As a result, human interface with a computer has become a very significant technology today and many years to come.

However, there are rising new challenges associated with this latest technology:

First, it requires a lot of creativity amongst the engineers due to demands of human values. This will require engineers to cope up with the emerging human demands which can slow down the process of developing the technology.

Secondly, it requires the intelligence digital engineering ecosystems to effectively develop integration and exploitation to merge with the rapidly changing new technologies. The emergence of large population of robots, vibrant aggregation of humans, which will exploit the human capabilities (Noor, 2010).

Thirdly, the emergence of the ecosystems, it therefore follows that the environmental auditing must be carried out to assess whether it will it will have negative or positive environmental impact. This will require a lot of finance and time.

With emerging technologies, the interface must therefore be pushed to acquire the desired. The recent technology has come up with the areas on speech and touch to enable the devices on computers to see, listen, talk and act properly on behalf of the client.

 This can be seen as interesting but the long term effect will be felt across the world. If the current technology is the only way to go, then there will be a possibility of human beings being replaced in many sectors in the economy (Darigo et al., 1998).

Technology will always kill humanity. Nowadays a machine which used to be operated by many people can be operated by one person only assisted by some more modified machines. Take for example, a load which weighs thousands of tonnes which used to be carried by many people can now be carried by one machine such as one robot can carry as so many loads as it can. This has led to many people rendered jobless hence the impacts on the society such as increased poverty and crime (Darigo et al., 1998).

Another major feedback to the advancement of this kind of technology is the finances involved and the time it takes to develop fully. The technology will take so much time to match the required standards which will be more acceptable in the society. This will involve the purchase of the computer based devices and other related machines to help in the coordination o the robots and the source of command. Compare the recently made robot in Japan which can satisfy the sexual urge of an individual. Technology has gone to an advanced level such that these biological processes which once physical have gone mechanical

Finally yet importantly, there must be an involvement of relevant authority such as the United Nations (UN), which can decline the use of such robots. Take for example where these human-computers are used to attack at times of war, the extent to which destruction will occur will be high since the machines are immortal and only follows a command from the source. This will therefore disadvantage the other rival, which doesn’t use this technology (Darigo et al., 1998).

From these, it therefore means that human beings will continue to invent more and more to make work easier. The more the inventions are done; human beings come up with different discoveries. This will continue for ever. With the continued quest for war, more human like machines which are efficient will be invented to take part in war so as to replace human beings. With the emergence of computers more inventions will come up and more human like machines will be invented making this kind of technology not only to be the first  rising one but also the first to be adopted.

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