Jun 25, 2018 in Technology

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has been on the rise since the inception of information technology. This technology over the years has become affordable and as a result, some people instead of using it constructively have decided to abuse it. Cyber bullying is considered as the use of internet and the devices to embarrass, hurt or tarnish ones image via information and/or text materials.

The article stipulates very well how some people have taken advantage of cyberspace but by doing what is not ethically right. The purpose of the article is to show that despite the virtual world, one can still be held liable for actions done that are against the law. The thesis statement for the article is to evaluate the legal challenges and loopholes associated with the use of internet where there is a legal liability.

The writer made good of persuading the reader on the emotions of the complainant by showing how the accused defamed the complainant by using words that depicted the accuser as a promiscuous person. In the article, the complainant seems to be greatly affected by being displayed negatively about her conduct. The credibility of the facts is also well presented whereby we are able to understand that Cohen did all what she could to get the source of the information who happens to be Rosemary.

 Looking at how Cohen presents her claims, there is coherent in reasoning. She further gives an example how cyber bullying led to the death of a 13 years old girl thus affirming that cyber bullying can be disastrous when the virtual world is not well used. The judge also gives his point of view and doesn’t support use of anonymity to hurt and harm other people, thereby adding the credibility of how facts are used to fight the vice. Though the accused says she will sue Google, her reasoning is vague since you cannot commit a crime, whether virtually or not and expect to walk out of it free. The use of internet is supposed to serve its purpose of freedom of expression but not an avenue of perpetuating the commission of crime.

In a nutshell, the author of the article is able to persuade the readers to understand the importance of using the internet to serve the purpose and also for its users to observe the law.

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