Jun 25, 2018 in Sociology

Reducing Crime Rates

Question 1

Different scholars have different opinions in regards to the best solution of reducing crime rates. Hemenway is of the opinion that the public health approach is the way to go. However, Rossi and Kleck believe that the solution lies in dealing with the users of the fire arms to cause harm. I strongly believe that Hemenway’s approach is better that the proposals of both Rossi and Kleck. Kleck’s insinuation that gun ownership has no effects on suicide levels is a little bit far fetched. Enacting laws or alterations of the existing laws would ensure that the criminals feel coerced to abide by them. This is because they would not want to suffer the consequences attributed to the violation of any of the laws.

At the individual level, introducing the importance of safety locks so as to keep away the firearms from the children’s reach.  Also, an upgrade in the laws accrued to personalized guns would ensure that the firearms are safe with their users. Eventually, these measures would ensure that the casualties resulting from fire arms related cases decrease tremendously.

Question 2

Gun owners have a responsibility to ensure that their firearm does not cause any unintended harm. The biggest responsibility that they hold is ensuring that the gun is out of the children’s reach. However, indiscreetness could cause the acquisition of the gun by the children in the owner’s home or environment. As a precautionary measure, it is extremely crucial that the gun owner teaches the children around him or her basic gun safety rules. This could positively contribute towards the reduction of accidents that result from accidents involving children.

Mishandling of guns by children is the largest cause of accidents involving children. Ensuring that the gun safety rules are taught to the children is the most effective solution towards reducing the number of accidents involving children and guns.

Question 3

I am in total agreement that a firearm is meant to kill. However, guns can still be made safer. According to Hemenway, enactment of laws that seek to reduce the casualties resulting from gun related accidents would be a step further towards ensuring gun safety. It is possible to increase gun safety despite the fact that it is meant to kill. This is because there are defined instances when guns may be used to kill. For instance, incase of self-defense, a robbery or even a terrorist attack.

Gun safety ensures that guns are not misused. This means that the rules and precaution measures would ensure that guns are only used to kill when it deemed necessary to do so. This implies that accidents would be reduced and, eventually, gun safety would be gradually achieved.

Question 4

There is the need to improve the ways in which a gun may be traced. This is especially vital in determining the criminal involved in a particular claim. This will ensure that the person responsible suffers the consequences. If criminals continue committing crimes without taking any actions against them, the crime rates will continuously escalate. There is the need to come up with identifiable ways of determining which bullet came from which gun. This will be a step towards curbing crime rates.

After all, it is less likely that someone who has suffered the consequences of their criminal action would commit the same crimes in the future. By doing this, the correction of individual behavior will be integrated with the security measures towards reducing gun related fatalities among individuals. At the end of the day, the problem of gun misuse and resulting consequences will be eliminated completely.

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